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Thursday, February 7, 2013

1 + 1 = 3

The Saturday before Christmas Henry and I learned the special news that we would become three. Friday I went in for a blood bHCG since Henry and I had been trying, but would not get the results until Monday morning. Torture.
I had been up nauseas all night Friday. I text my bestie, Taylor, Saturday morning to let her know I wouldn't be making Yoga that morning because I was feeling pretty awful. She text back, "Sick? Or Morning Sickness?".
I immediately sat up in bed. I thought to myself, noooo, nooooo. I honestly didn't think I would become preggers on the first try. It's suppose to take months!
Henry was up about to give the dogs a bath. I ran past him yelling, "I have to teedle!!" slamming the door shut and trying to quietly open a pregnancy test.

Sure enough the moment I put the cap on and turned it over to set down the two pink lines crept across. I started instantly shaking from the adrenaline while simultaneously doing a happy dance, fist pumping and silently screaming at myself in the mirror. Lol
I shoved the pregnancy test in the cabinet and grabbed the unused one to take a second one in the guest bathroom. Sure enough, same thing happened.
Henry requested I wait to tell him on Christmas Day with a cookie cake. There was no way I could wait four more days and not tell ANYONE! He's crazy.
I text his mom and asked her to go get a cookie cake, since obviously if I left he would know something was up. She text back, "Really!? I'm so excited!!" His dad then text me excited too.

I could hardly contain my joy waiting for lunch time to roll around so we would have an excuse to go to his parent's house. Luckily, Blondie text me asking if I had made her Hawaiian Sweet Roll recipe the other week, because she was going to make it for lunch. Whether she meant to or not, that was the perfect text to show Henry so we could head over.

Herman was outside pacing around. Henry snickered thinking it was because his dad was trying to resist lighting a cigarette, but I knew it was because he has a hard time keeping secrets. HA!

Herman grabs me as Henry walks in to let me know the cookie cake was in the corner of the kitchen with a towel over it.

We are all four in the kitchen, Henry is chatting away not realizing that Blondie, Herman and Myself are trying to avoid eye-contact. I am trying to devise a way to get the video camera going without looking straight up suspicious, so we can have it on video when we tell him. Finally Henry goes to the restroom. We start frantically moving around. I am trying to get my dang camera to focus so Blondie can record, and it keeps staying blurry. Henry eventually waltzes out of the restroom as his mom and I are huddled behind the kitchen cabinet fumbling around with the camera and trying to keep the cookie cake hidden. I say screw it, it's recording lol, grab the cookie cake and walk over to Henry.

Henry looks really confused and very inquisitively asks all of us, "What's going on?". He finally sees the cookie cake and the joy just spreads across his face. "REALLY!?" I explain to him the pregnancy tests were positive and sure enough we are having a baby! All of us are tearing up, there was lots of hugs, kisses, and celebrating. Henry's dad even bought a bottle of sparkling grape juice so we could all toast to the great occasion. His parent's are amazing!

Later that day his sister comes over and I had asked Henry to put the cake in his car, afraid his little nieces would see it and go Facebook happy announcing it to the world before we were ready. I find out Henry only hid a tiny hand rag over it on the bar. Of course his family can sniff out sweets a mile away, so all of a sudden I hear, "What's the cookie cake for?" as she lifts the rag up. I jump up to show her the silence signal with my finger over my lips. She gets the same giddy look as everyone else and yells, "Really!?" "Yes, really." as she rushes over to give me a huge hug. I explain to her how we dont want the kids knowing though until we get a doctor confirmation. Plus, I didn't want many more people knowing until I had the chance to tell my parent's. If word got out before I personally told them, they would be so upset, especially my sister. I really wanted her to be the next to know after Henry, but I had a special way to announce it that had to wait until the Christmas party. It took every fiber of my body not to text her! HA!

I told Taylor once she got out of Yoga and she was beyond happy for us. She isn't sister by blood, but she will make a fabulous aunt! :-)

We headed to my family's Christmas party in Houston the next day. There we pulled my Aunt Marilyn aside to tell her. It took a bit to get her in the garage alone, but once we did she did a happy dance for us and put her hand on my belly. She is an amazing aunt who I adore!

Next we pulled my grandparents aside. My grandpa was adorable to say the least. I had no idea he would get so excited. I started saying, "We have some exciting news we want to share with yall." before I could get another word out my grandma blurts, "YOUR PREGNANT!" We all started laughing, well yes we are. LOL My Grandpa luckily had his video camera on as well and gives me a great big hug, grinning ear-to-ear. He says, "I can't believe I may actually get to live to see my great-grandkids from yall!" He was all smiles and it made my heart smile to see how happy this news made him. I really didn't think it would phase them too much since I am like in the middle of their 20 grandkids and they already have like 10 great-grandkids. I guess I am just the favorite. HA!

Later my cousin Matthew messaged me on facebook and told me his mom told him and told us congratulations. He is such a great kid.

I had text my Aunt Robin the day we found out. I had told her we were trying and had gone in for a blood test, but her and my sister at the time were the only ones who knew, other than Henry for obvious reasons. When we arrived at her house Christmas Eve she was extremely excited and using code questions to ask how I was in front of my younger cousin. My Uncle Warren, her husband, then pulled me aside to say congrats as well. 

My Uncle Bubba is always "santa" on my mom's side of the family. All he knew before he began passing out gifts was the three Aggie gifts on the coffee table were to be handed out first and to make sure my mom, dad and sister opened them side-by-side at the same time or it would ruin the "joke". 
Once everyone was situated we began with the gifts. All three open their gifts to see three t-shirts. They all hold them up and you could see them peeking at each others shirt trying to wrap their brain around what they said. Then it was, "Noooo! Noooo!" My sister started crying and yelled, "REALLY!?!?" (Response of the season) My mom began squealing. My Uncle Bubba hugged me tightly and everyone was congratulating us. Bubba even stopped in the middle of passing gifts a bit later and squeezed my hands, slightly tearing up. I adore my family, other than my dad. My dad however didn't congratulate or hug either of us. As we left town he didn't even come to wish us a safe trip. Dad of the year right there, or I guess I should say Grandpa.

Everyone's excitement made up for those lacking. It was so sweet to see how happy everyone was. I am the oldest child, oldest niece, oldest grandchild on my moms side, so it was exciting for everyone except the Grinch.
As soon as Christmas Eve festivities were over, it was back to Cleburne to enjoy our first Christmas as a married couple and last Christmas before we officially become a family.

Best Christmas Ever!

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