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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wedding Stationary

         We are slowly approaching the 1 year countdown for our wedding, and boy is that exciting!! I have a wedding countdown app on my iPhone that tells me - to the second - how much longer until our wedding - right now I am at 1 year, 2 months, 15 days, 15 hours, 37 minutes, and 57 seconds. This means we are coming closer to mailing save the dates! First though, I want to mail off custom "Will you be my.." cards. I already have written up what will be said to each bridesmaid/man of choice. They know who they are, however I wanted to make it more official and personal. Once they are officially mailed and I have heard back from each of them I will of course make an official blog posting each of them, as well as the wedding website. We haven't published our wedding website, even though it has been done for months, because we wanted to ask each groomsman and bridesmaid/man personally before posting it.

A textured paper - Aggie Maroon - that will be used
 for the "Will you be my.." cards

The cream textured (can't see it too well in photo) cardstock
 that will be used as well
        So, with the need for stationary I made an appointment with Paper Planet today!! I was super excited for this - for those of you who don't know what Paper Planet is: Let's just say that it is a crafters dream. They have floor to ceiling walls of custom, handmade papers that you can buy the entire sheet of, or have them cut it to size. They have a ton of different embellishments, ribbons, pre-made envelopes, etc. They also make custom orders for various invitations that can be quite elaborate and gorgeous! They can help you with the single, smallest detail of your event stationary, to doing everything for you. Check out their link: Welcome to Paper Planet - Create, Inspire, Dream!
      My goal is for them to help me with a tree design. I have a vision for the stationary, however I have no idea how to create the dang tree without copying some clip-art or jpg file that I am sure has been used time and time again. That is where Paper Planet comes in! They will be helping me design my personal, unique tree that will be used to tie in all my stationary from my "Will you be my.." cards to the "Thank you" cards.

Slightly blurry photo of ONE of the many tables they have with
invitations they have designed

A tree they sketched for a previous wedding invitation

One of the invitations I previously found to show them
 what I had in mind - I liked the basic black and white
tree with the color coming through in the leaves

Another invitation I found that I like - from

Instead of the initials in the heart - we want our initials to look like this - minus the year haha
            Unfortunately, Henry works and they close at 5:30, so I had to tackle this adventure on my own. I am sure Henry was just heartbroken over missing the excitement of browsing walls and walls of paper and books of different fonts - I know how excited he gets when I drag him all over Hobby Lobby. :-P So, off I went to meet with Julie and boy was she super sweet!! I felt so at ease with her right from the beginning and have full faith that whatever her and her girls come up with I will be amazed! After extensive notes, browsing fonts, and browsing the previous designs of theirs - she also made copies of any invitation they had previously designed that inspired me for mine SUH-WEET! - I whipped out my credit card and paid the big whopping $50 so they could begin designing the tree and monogram. She said it would be completed around August 17th, if not sooner. I am SUPER excited!! Another thing I was excited to hear was about the font of our monogram - which will be an H squared. To mix the city girl/country boy theme she let me pick out a few fonts I liked to depict each and said they could "merge" the fonts. Whoa buddy! However, I don't know if I will blog the design before wedding invitations are sent or not - we will see. :-)

Our venue is rather hard to find if you have never been to it before -
I saw these cute cartoon maps in a few of their invitations and she gave
 me a copy so my mom and I can create ones ourselves for my wedding :-)
       Despite Henry's lack of interest in my craftiness - until the final product - I am truly blessed with an amazing fiance. He has been so great when it comes to everything we have done so far for the wedding. He went to every wedding venue with me, helped me pick our colors at home depot with paint swatches, met with the baker, met with the photographer, e-mailed the caterer for me, and even went to a bridal show with me! We also have plans to attend 3 more upcoming bridal shows together :-). I don't think it matters so much to me that he gives an opinion on everything - that sounded kind of rude lol - although I more than welcome each and every opinion he provides, but it just meant a lot to me that he was there. He took the time to come with me because he knew it meant a lot to me - I hear all these girls about how the guy does nothing and lets the girl make all the decisions - that makes me sad! I know everyone says its "the bride's day", but to me it's "our" day - the day two become one - I am not the only one down that isle or footing the bill, he is too. So I am going to very much enjoy looking back on our big day knowing that each part - well almost - he was either there for the process or helped form the idea. I love Henry :-)
A fun day of house painting!

Henry after giving me a handful of black light paint on my face

Based off our previous painting photos - we decided to have an
engagement shoot in Michigan that involved a paint fight -
enjoy watching it unfold 

I asked Henry how he wanted to start - he said,  "LIKE THIS!" as he begins to
 squirt red paint all on me! So, I close my eyes and begin squirting - until Henry
grabs my hands saying, "STOP! STOP!" -
 this is the photo taken right after I open my eyes and see his face

We laughed so hard!! So did Lisa Kae - our photographer - and my best
 friend Riki who was with us at the time -
This was one of our best ideas ever!

We switched sides so we could get Henry's "good side" - in other words, the non-blue side haha
I love him so much!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fond Memories of Being an Aggie Student

          Has this week been exhausting! Talking with one of my co-workers, a recent A&M Psychology graduate, we started talking about all the things we will miss this upcoming fall with not returning to school. It is amazing looking back how much I took for granted being a student, even more so, an Aggie student.
Only in College Station will your neighbor have this car - with a grill attached to the bumper!
        Football season is approaching fast and I greatly miss the anticipation of the games, getting friends together to pull tickets, tail-gating, mid-night yell, and game day - standing in the sun, jam-packed in the heat, following direction of our Yell Leaders to know what comes next. Now, I have to figure out which game I want to pay for! A $200-something sports pass was a heck of a lot cheaper than the individual tickets you have to buy post-graduation.

Everyone tailgating and walking around before the big game!

Everyone jam packed in the stands, watching our amazing Aggie Band!

Tailgating for Lauryn and Emily's Ring Dunk, prior to the football game!
         I miss having most of my friends at such a convenient distance! I could drive a couple blocks to Danni's townhome, to the other side of town to Lauryn's apartment, or a couple blocks to my fiance's house that he shared with another great friend, Casey. I could call my girlfriends up and have dinner plans in just a few minutes, we could go get ready at each other's house and go off to Northgate for yet another night of great memories! Or the weekly wine nights we had in the media room of Lauryn's apartment with the enormous pull down projector and giant bean bags! Bringing wine and wine glasses, sitting up most of the night drinking and talking about random life happenings, until we all passed out on the bean bags or one of the numerous couches. Or deciding to take a random nightly road trip, rushing back the next morning to get Lauryn to work, watching her change from the trunk of her car right in front of her work building, then driving off with Danni blaring amazing music and dancing like idiots.

First girls night together!

One of our many group nights out on Northgate
One of the many nights at Lauryn's apartment - about to go hot tubbing!
An amazing group of friends, together for Spring Break 2010 in South Padre
      I miss having my biggest concern being my Immunology final the next day. Where my biggest responsibility was showing up to class on time so I could take notes to prepare me for the 4 tests in that class. Which gave Henry and I so much free time to catch a dinner, a movie, or make the 6-8 hour long Moussaka that we love so much!

Studying with an old friend - love that jar of peanut butter to get me through!

        Or missing the convenience of seeing friends around every corner walking across campus. Or even walking up and down University, hearing someone doing an Aggie honk, and all the students around Whooping! Being able to load up Tux and drive a few blocks to Research Park - bring some toys, and have a ball for hours watching him fetch his toys in the pond, playing with other dogs, and having everyone ask to see Tux do his tricks or acrobatics while fetching a flying toy.

Tux after jumping in a pong to fetch a toy <3

     It's all those simple things that I really took for granted, that I now miss. I have friends in Dallas, Houston, College Station, Michigan - and boy is it hard to get everyone together in the same place, at the same time! Girl nights have now turned into girl weekend trips, if we can even get all the girls together! 6-8 hour long cooking dates with Henry are limited to Saturdays or Sundays, and dog parks are crappy, if you can even find one near by with a pond allowing dogs in it. Heck, I miss living in College Station - period! It is an amazing town with so much to offer, as a college student and as a graduate. No matter how old I get, I will always have a fond place for College Station and A&M in my heart. Being an Aggie is by far one of the best decisions I could have ever made, I wouldn't trade a single day of my undergrad - good or bad - for anything.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wedding Inspirations Part 1

             The title of my blog page is City Girl Meets Country Boy - naturally because I am a city girl, Henry is a country boy. Not only is that the title of the blog page, it is also the theme of our wedding October 13, 2012.

            Our wedding will be held at Double Creek Crossing in Caldwell, TX - a beautiful outdoor venue on a secluded ranch. Leah is the sweet lady, that just happens to be from the town - Burleson - right next to Henry's hometown, who opened the wedding venue after retiring from being a nurse - she was home for a bit and told her husband she couldn't just sit around doing nothing = Double Creek Crossing! And thank goodness she did too because it is GORGEOUS! Her husband and her put a lot of thought and effort into building the outdoor venue. Her daughters helped her think of minor details such as, making enough room on either side of the Bridal Suite toilet for a bride if she has to go to the bathroom in a large ballgown dress - ahem, that would be my situation! Or having a built in counter, long mirror, barstools, and wonderful lighting so all the girls can sit next to each other as hair and make-up are done. Or how about having "tarps" that can be rolled, and pinned down to the ground all around the reception area in case of bad weather - yet they are clear so you can still feel as if you are outside? The venue is city-like, with the nice stone walls, vaulted ceilings, wonderful landscaping - yet very country with the visible wooden beams, concrete floors, front rocking chairs, and of course being on a ranch itself. That equals perfection for our theme.

A picture of the venue from the "altar" of the Ceremony location

Looking out to the Ceremony area

Walking up to the Reception area from Ceremony area

Walking outside to Reception area from front entrance with Groom/Bridal suites/Cake table/Gift Table

        Our theme was so obvious and inspired by our kick-A photographer, Michelle Peyronet with Peyronet Photography. After meeting with her and discussing what we wanted in photos she mentioned the theme - I couldn't believe WE didn't think of that already! DUH! We picked Michelle after seeing her gorgeous photos of a friends wedding. She did a type of jounalistic photography and boy did her colors POP! It was amazing how every detail of color was beyond perfection - and I was blown away by her ability to catch such loving facial expressions and moments in their natural settings - not posed. Not only do we get her for our entire wedding day, we get a 2nd photographer, as well as 2 photographers for the rehearsal dinner. She will be doing our engagement, bridal, boudior, rehearsel dinner, ceremony, and reception photos - as well as a Trash the Dress shoot post honeymoon. Can't wait! Here is one Blog post by Michelle that we love (looks like you will have to copy & paste the link):

       Our planning/decorating will be with the help of a good friend, Lacey, who happens to own a wedding/party rental business called Details Event & Party Rentals in College Station, TX. She has pretty much everything you can think of, at great prices! - That is her amazing blog - you should check it out! She does her research on up to date trends, and has plenty of unique ideas of her own to help you design your perfect wedding down to the last detail!

Photo taken from Lacey's blog - This is the ceremony at Double Creek Crossing

Another photo by Lacey - Cake table at Double Creek Crossing

      My sister is the Maid of Honor - so naturally she has done some research on bridesmaid dresses. I am letting my bridesmaid choose their dress for the most part. Afterall, they are doing me a favor by being in my wedding and should be proud of the dress they have to dish the money for. All I ask is it be around Tea-length or a little above the knee. I plan on asking the girls to wear brown boots - so it has to go well with boots too. Here are some suggested photos, feel free to comment or lend advice:

       Our colors go with the fall theme Henry and I love so much! It also gives us an excuse to use Maroon as a color. haha Our colors are burgandy maroon, espresso brown, rust orange, and a golden yellow - fall colors. And yes it is rust orange, NOT burnt orange - UGH!

I love this wicker ball, or "tumbleweed", with the simple fall colored flower attached.

I don't care too much for the escort card table, but I do absolutely love the wheat stalks and their beautiful golden color!

I love the colors, but I really love the wooden box!

Again, I am in love with the wheat and colors

I absolutely LOVE the color of these Callas Lillies - which are one of the flowers I want to use for the wedding as well

I am drawn toward the burlap and colors of the flowers of this one - I also love square & rectangular tables instead of the traditional round

The maroon flowers and branches stood out to me in this set up at the Brazos Bridal Show

Henry & I have a slew of photos of our initals carved in things - starting with an Aspen tree from Colorado - hence the love of these invites

Again with the love of carved initals - I love these invites & RSVP cards

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Background Information of our Engagement!

       To warn you, this is a long post:
       As you may, or may not, have read - I am engaged! My fiance and I met on the infamous Northgate in College Station, Texas - my junior year, his senior year attending Texas A&M. I had never liked Northgate, but it was the one night my old friend and I chose to go. This was the one night Henry's old friend some how lost Henry, leaving Henry on Northgate in the same line for carpool as we were in. If you read in the "Characters" tab you would know he saw us previously dancing like idiots at Daisy Dukes, and my friend busting her butt as I spun her in a circle. HAHA He approached us in the car pool line & we talked as if we had been friends for years! At the time, I didn't know if he was really THAT funny or if I had just had too much whiskey -either way I liked him - A LOT! Henry had a real 70's thing about him to me -long/shaggy blonde hair, blue eyes, very broad, maroon polo - as I re-read what I just typed it doesn't sound 70's at all, BUT I remember looking at him and thinking he looked as if he could have walked right out of "That 70's Show".

The night Henry and I met for the first time
         Numerous dates, dinners, lunches, & nights out on Northgate later - Henry asked me, "Want to change your facebook status to 'in a relationship' with me?" Although we had acted like a couple since that night we met February 26, 2009, we didn't make it "facebook official" -because everyone knows facebook status is the ONLY thing that matters - until March 2009.  Another important part of the "facebook requests" leads back to the night we met. Henry didn't ask for my number that 1st night, he asked for my name so he could find me on facebook - so he whips out his iPhone and types my name in - no number. I found that rather odd, but special in the fact that he wasn't like every other guy just getting a number. The next day I had a friend request! We only talked via facebook chat for a week straight, laughing hysterically each and every time. It wasn't until the end of the week that I invited him to my friends 21st party that he asked for my number so he could find me at the party. :-) He spoiled me to death even more after that - still does! I was constantly thanking him for all the wonderful dates he took me on that he eventually said, "Please stop saying 'thank you' so much, it is getting annoying." Well pardon me for having manners! Have I mentioned how well he is with words? haha
Our 2nd time to ever hang out!

A night out at the Tap

               So, the relationship continued. My wonderful sister, Stefanie, and I were Christmas shopping in 2009 when we passed by my favorite jewelry store, Helzberg Diamonds. Stefanie grabs my arm and says, "Let go look at rings!" At this point in my relationship with Henry the only REAL conversation we had about getting engaged was in June after we attended my first Mavericks game - he was attempting to convert me from my father/daughter Houston Rockets obsession to a Maverick fan -and had been to the bars with some of his friends in downtown Dallas. So when my sister grabs me to look at rings, I don't think too much of it other than I love this store and I love diamonds - OK LET'S GO!

Our awesome seats at the Mavs game - Henry doesn't mess around :-P
A night out in Dallas after my first Dallas Mavericks game
      Although I hadn't thought much about getting engaged to Henry, being a girl I have thought about the perfect engagement ring for YEARS! I had always wanted a 1 carat marquise diamond in a simple band with no diamonds on the side. I hate most settings with diamonds on the side because the way they set them in there with the metal peeping through - just looks tacky to me! If that is what you have, I am sure it looks beautiful on you, but my choice = NO SIDE DIAMONDS. The band I fell in love with actually did have diamonds on the side, but on the sides of the side (see photo below). The guy helping us grabbed a loose fake, princess cut diamond and set it in the middle prongs - it was set like a kite more than square - I fell in love. I told my sister right then and there that this was the exact ring I wanted! So off my sister goes to make a phone call because apparently that band was the last band, conveniently in my size, and they were not going to be getting anymore. That phone call was to Henry, and the band was "reserved" or whatever it was they did - point is that it is now on my finger. haha We went off to Zales where I fell in love with an actual diamond - we found a gorgeous Celebration Diamond and the way it sparkled and blinded your eyes in the light was fairytale-ish. My loyal sister later dragged Henry to these two stores where my ring was put together. I have a band from Helzberg Diamonds and a diamond from Zales - I can truly say my ring is unique. And yes I am proud of my ring, as well with how it came together. You can call me conceited, but I don't care.

The ring!! My sister and girlfriends were eager to be the first ones to post a facebook photo of it 
        Henry had planned to propose on April 23, 2010 since my favorite number is 23, and I make a big deal anytime anything is 23. I especially make a big deal if anything is 10/23 and yell "It's my birthday!" - so, 23rd of 2010 was another 10/23. Unfortunately, I was in the hospital due to my stupid stomach problem. April 24th was Ring Dance - big deal for Aggies - and I insisted on getting out of the hospital to make this special event! I scarfed down some food, proved to the doctors I could hold it down (since I had lost about 20 lbs at this point), and was let out! My sister and I high tailed it to College Station as Henry and my parents followed in separate cars behind us. We went to get manis and pedis together, then went to get my hair done. We all met up at my friend Danni's townhome, along with Lauryn, to get ready. I texted Danni as we were leaving how I wished for Henry to propose since we were all dolled up and my parents were there. It would be the perfect time! She reassured me that even when Henry does choose to propose it would be just as amazing! Little did I realize, 10 minutes later, in the exact spot we first met, Henry would do just that! He pulled me aside, which was nothing special since we always go off and laugh together, he said, "You know this is the exact spot where we met right?", I replied, "Yes! I love you so much", with a huge grin as we hugged. He stepped back and began to get down on one knee - at this time my friends later told me my hands went to my mouth as I said, "No! No! No you arent!" -He said, "Will you love me forever?" as he opened the ring box. We both got teary eyed, I yelled YES, and pulled him up to give him a kiss! He then proceeded to put the ring on my finger and asked, "Will you change your facebook status to engaged with me?" just the way he did when we first started dating. That is when I realized he had also hired a photographer - I love scrapbooking - who had been lurking in the background and snapping pictures. Henry's parents and two neices, along with my friends Emily and Kristin all came out from hiding at this point. It was the perfect engagement! Henry had made sure all the important things were there: family, friends, and PHOTOS! lol And this is where the next chapter begins....

Henry putting the ring on my hand for the first time! Such a happy day!

After the proposal - Ring Dance!! :-)