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Monday, July 30, 2012

To Eat Or Not To Eat....Chik-fil-a???

I'll start off right now by saying, I will eat Chik-Fil-A and any other place I dang well please regardless of their views on anything or what they choose to support. Unless it is absolutely absurd, like killing puppies. Let's not take it to the extreme though, otherwise we could go on forever.

All these "Boycott Chik-Fil-A" groups are ridiculous and honestly a waste of everyone's time. Don't we have more important things in this world to worry about? Like world hunger? AIDS? Curing Cancer? Curing Diabetes? Child Abuse? Illegal Immigration? I mean, those are a just a few, but no you have all these people with their panties in a twist because someone utilized their Freedom of Speech to voice their Freedom of Religion - and that someone just happens to own Chik-Fil-A Whoop-D-freakin-doo!!! If they choose to use his hard earned money to support those beliefs, so what? There are people supporting and funding things of all different angles on a wide variety of topics. If you start nit-picking each person for not supporting this and not supporting that, you lose the freedoms of this country. End of story. This country has so much to be thankful for, but instead everyone is suing everyone and getting their feelings hurt over the dumbest things, and in turn make everyone feel they have to walk on glass with each word they say. This country needs thicker skin and to put on their big-girl panties.

I found this quote along my pointless tracking of all this Chik-Fil-A hoorah: 

"Will you boycott gas because the OPEC nations put homosexuals to death? I doubt it. You're only boycotting Chick-Fil-A because it is convenient. If you truly want to make a stand, boycott big oil. Boycott the military. Picket at churches and synagogues and mosques. If you're not willing to do those things, shut up and get back to your lives."- Bruce P.

It is very true! If you are going to boycott Chik-Fil-A because of their religious views, and if cities such as Chicago and Boston are going to ban or prevent Chik-Fil-A's from opening, then are they going to ban every Church, Mosque and Synagogue from every opening too? Where do you draw the line? 

 If Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech were what this country was founded on and if you are going to "boycott" his company because of his religious views, then aren't you yourself discriminating??? It is such a hypocritical position. Why can't people in this country agree to disagree? Just because you don't share the same views, does not make either party a bad person. It is what makes this country so great, the DIVERSITY.

But while we are on the subject, I do not believe same sex couples were meant to be. I do not oppose them being together, but I am not going to go out of my way to support or not support them being together either. Look at it simply, regardless of religion. Darwinism and natural selection: relating to species and it's members who were the most successful at survival skills and ability to reproduce. Those that could not find food, avoid enemies, or reproduce died off.
Get where I am going with this? The physical anatomy of men and women were meant to compliment each other. There is a reason two men cannot reproduce without the help of science. There is a reason two women cannot reproduce without the help of science. It was physically not how we were built to live. They would not "survive" or be considered "fit". If that isn't evidence enough that it is against nature and all this natural, then I don't know what is. 

I am fully aware that this post will probably result in some poor comments/emails - but like I said people, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I fully welcome any opposing views, but keep it classy. :-]

Alana XoXo

Friday, July 20, 2012

Indecisive Excursions!

Have I mentioned I love my fiancé? 

Wednesday, as I drove to the office at 6 am - 6.A.M! - Henry calls me to say he wants to go on a trip until next week. I was completely taken off guard, and having a mini-party in my head with all the possibilities. Only problem, I wanted to go to a beach in Florida, he wanted to go to the mountains to escape the heat in New Mexico.  

 When it comes to international travel, I don't think we could ever disagree on where to go. However, when it comes to the good 'ole US, we couldn't disagree more. Boo. Since I grew up in Houston, I am use to being close to the ocean. The smell of the ocean, the calming sounds of the ocean waves, the delicious and fresh seafood....I can't get enough of those things.  I would be perfectly happy moving to an island and retiring as a beach bum - fishing and drinking piña coladas 24:7  It may not be your dream, but I'd be so happy! Don't rain on my parade. Henry on the other hand is fond of mountains, rivers and lakes.

 So, Henry voted for Red River, New Mexico. I voted for childhood favorite, Destin, Florida. I am not fond of New Mexico, period. It kind of drives me crazy thinking of going there. Henry and I took a 3 week long vacation through Colorado and New Mexico when we first met, NM I wasn't impressed with, Colorado I LOVED. Especially, Durango and Telluride! Holy Smokes are those gorgeous, fun towns...But Henry shot down Durango....Red River he was set on. 
Standing on the edge of a cliff in New Mexico, July 2009 - Henry as he "jokingly" acts as if he is going to toss me off the cliff. Such a great foundation for a budding relationship haha!

 We flipped a coin, 7 times!! It landed on "beach" 5 of the 7, but still couldn't agree. Then Henry set up a mini-craps game for us. After near 30-40 minutes of Craps, I won. BEACH IT WAS! Yippee!! I found a gorgeous campground for our new RV, for $110/night. We were all set to book when she mentioned no dogs on the beach front sites. Ok, fine, what beach is close by where we can take them? No where! It's a county law in multiple counties!! Part of this trip was for our two Aussies! "Thank you, but nevermind." Red River it was again. Ugh! I know, I know, a vacation is a vacation, I should be thankful to even take one. But what can I say? I'm stubborn, and grew up as the oldest, I want MY way dangit!! 
The cardboard, dice and quarters we used to play our game - The cardboard was really to protect the wood from the dice corners.

 Luckily, Red River's park we stayed in two years ago was now a mobile home park. Yuck. The other two, booked solid. Yay! Next town in line, Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Yet again booked, or ridiculous pet fees. Boo! Next town, DURANGO! Guess what park had an opening?!?! The first park we stayed in on our first trip, right on a beautiful part of the Animas River! Oh ya! Even better, the only spot available was #23! My lucky number. It was meant to be! Haha  
Standing on the Animas River bank in front of our cabin on our first trip, July 2009 <3

My first Henry Weinhard, Henry's favorite! They make and bottle them 30 minutes from where I live now, but you can rarely find them in this area. However, they are EVERYWHERE in Colorado. 

 Now here we are, on the road to Durango, Colorado for a few days! :-) Looking forward to renting a jeep, four-wheelers, white-water rafting, hiking, and local breweries! Oh and this amazing Mexican restaurant on the edge of town with great Margarita pitchers!  Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend! Cheers! XoXo

Local brewery in the next town over, Silverton. Outside they have a slew of fun, very interesting beer facts. This particular brewery had a beer Henry loved so much, he bought some to take home.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wedding Inspired Wednesday {No. 16}: Wood Decor

        Browsing Pinterest and Etsy I have found some wonderful wooden accents to use for wedding decor. I have especially been looking for ways to incorporate it into the way we display our food items. My parents have access to plenty of trees on their property in Livingston, and my fiance's brother, Will, clears land for a living. I figured I would try to find things that would put them to work and add their own touches to the wedding. Below are what I found so far.

Now not only could you use this as a dessert display, but cheese and fruit, hors d'oeuvres, etc. Source:
I am dying for a cake stand such as this one. However, the lone stand with the round slab makes me nervous. I would rather opt for one sound, thick slab of wood - then carve our signature onto it that we have used throughout our stationary. Source: Etsy
Another way to display your food - I would love a few of those wooden square slabs to display our pre-made cocktails in mason jars. Source: Etsy
I think this is a great rustic way to display bar options!! Source: Style Me Pretty
I love this food display! It is so simple, but makes a statement. This wedding was fabulous and you should definitely check out all of their awesome ideas using the source link :-) Source: Green Wedding Shoes

Monday, July 2, 2012

Aggie Bridals

One of the MANY photo-ops involved with weddings are Bridal photos. Even though my wedding isn't until October, this Texas heat is killer right up until - sometimes it's still pretty darn hot mid-way through October!

Thanks to Randy to the Rescue (which the episode I am on airs this Friday, July 6th at 9 pm Central on TLC) I was able to get my dress in a timely manner, and altered, to have my bridals taken before it got scorching hot!

Our fabulous photographer, Michelle Peyronet with Peyronet Photography, went above and beyond what I expected! Being part of the Fightin Texas Aggie Class of 2010, WHOOP! I couldn't think of anywhere better to take my bridals than Good 'ole College Station. Bridals Aggie style!
Michelle graciously let me drag her, my seester & Megan all around CS with me all day long to my favorite Aggie spots.

First spot, Kyle Field! Michelle had the perfect wide angle lense for catching the entire stadium behind me, on the field and in front of the stadium! The sneak peak was breathtaking - for an Aggie of course.
Source for Kyle Field Image

Next, Century Tree or Engagement Tree. This spot was extremely special to me. When I first toured the A&M campus, there were rose petals all around the base of the tree from a recent engagement. I was so impressed by the Aggie spirit as everyone was camped out for an upcoming TU ticket pull, and all the "Howdys!!" I received, that these rose petals were just the icing on the cake for a young, impressionable, highschool senior. I knew from that moment forward, I was going to A&M - and I hadn't even been accepted yet! Not to mention, in order for us to "finalize" our engagement Henry had us walk over to the engagement tree where we walked under the tree together and took engagement photos. :-) So when Michelle asked where to take bridals, the Century Tree was a must!
Source for Century Tree Image

The third location we chose was the Dixie Chicken!!! Almost everyone knows about the Dixie Chicken! Henry proposed to me behind the Dixie Chicken, where we also first met. I expected just a few fun pictures here and there, but Michelle found such wonderful spots!!!! The lighting, the signs, the angles, my dress - it was perfection! I was squealing with joy at the sneak peaks! 
Source for Dixie Chicken Image

We wrapped up the bridal session at the Aggie Barn. We really weren't expecting to make this location, but with time on our side, we were able to make it for the perfect sunset too! Again, some of my favorites were taken here!
Source for Aggie Barn Image

Overall, it was a great session! I'll be sure to post an update post wedding. I know being an Aggie, when I was searching for "Aggie Bridals", "Kyle Field Bridals", "A&M Bridals", "Aggie Bride", etc. my picture results were few and far between. I am hoping this bridal session can help inspire those future die-hard Aggies!