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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ups and Downs of Wedding Planning: Insight Into My Frustrations

WARNING: I am trying to be a more honest blogger. This blog post entails my personal frustrations. If you are easily offended

I always heard of ladies saying that after a certain point of wedding planning they get to a phase where they just want it be over with. 
They are done planning, fed up, ready for the honeymoon, etc.

I finally reached that phase about a month ago. 

What phase I haven't heard ladies talking about is their overwhelming sensation of wanting to cry all the time.

That is the phase I am in right now. 

I'm so hypersensitive to emotion right now it's unbelievable.
I'm also irritated easily - more like a pregnant woman would be, and NO I am NOT pregnant.

I am annoyed...:
1) By those who said they would help with something and haven't helped one bit.

2) By people who call you out for not being invited to your own wedding when you barely know them.

3) By things that should've been taken care of long ago, by other people, yet they procrastinated and here we are in a pickle about a month before the wedding and it's yet another thing that is put on MY plate - as if I didn't have enough to do. 

4) By vendors that say they will get back to you and don't, AFTER you've paid!

5) By vendors that cancel on you last minute - has happened TWICE now. UGH! 

6) By guests who are offended that you didn't let them invite their friend. Notice I said THEIR friend. I'm sorry! Last time I checked, this wedding is about US, the bride and groom! Not your fling of the week or month, whichever! If you're in a serious relationship, that's fine, but if you want a date for the sake of having one, sorry bud, there are family members we couldn't even invite and your plus one definitely isn't getting a spot over family. 

7) By guests that add their own guests. Again, we didn't invite them, so you don't either. At least call and ask the bride or groom, there may be a circumstance we didn't consider, don't just mail in your RSVP with the added extra. 

8) By my face breaking out from stress.

9) By my terrible habit of ripping, not biting, my nails off. 

10) By my terrible habit of biting my big bottom lip to pieces after I have no more nails.

11) By my paralyzed stomach! If you didn't know, my stomach became paralyzed my freshman year of college. I was so upset, homesick, stressed, etc. that my stomach became paralyzed, aka no more peristalsis. This means if I don't take this lovely medicine 30 minutes before each meal and before bedtime, my food rots in my stomach, Yuck! I know, therefore causing me to throw-up. If I don't stop it quickly, I continually throw-up uncontrollably until I lose about 10-15 lbs and end up hospitalized - which has happened 4 times now? This is also the reason I was in the hospital the night Henry was originally suppose to propose. The doctors also told me despite my medicine, to try and keep extreme emotions to a minimum, especially stress/anxiety/crying/anger which would inflame my condition and cause me to get sick as well. This is why I am venting and this is why this whole situation sucks even more. So to friends and family, if I seem insensitive to your problems right now, it isn't because I am intentionally not caring, it is because I have so much on my plate already that I am trying to keep my current life as happy and stress-free as possible to prevent hospitalization. Post-wedding, I am all ears! 

Welcome to my life. *Sigh*
I need a spa day. haha!

Alana XoXo


  1. Y'alls proposal worked our perfect and so will the wedding. Take a deep breath, pour yourself a big glass of wine, and enjoy these last few weeks as Heather C. :)

  2. I know you keep hearing "everything will work out"... But it REALLY will :o) You only get to do this day once in your life so TRY to get the important kinks worked out and dont worry about the rest, it will happen how it is supposed to happen! I agree with Danni... Have a big glass of wine and take 1 night off! Cant wait to be there and help you in person! xoxoxoxo ~Riki

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