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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Anonymous RSVP Cards

I saw on a blog, 2 years ago so please forgive me for not remembering, where they had secretely numbered all of their RSVP cards.

It is such a pain addressing return RSVP cards with the individuals address. Most people, like us, stick to just putting the mailing address for the RSVP card and return postage. I saw on a blog where a girl had done just that. She then received a few RSVP cards with no names and no return addresses. They had just RSVPed they would be attending. Odd. Once her RSVP deadline approached, she had to call all the people who had "not" RSVPed to see if they were coming or not, and see who the anonymous attendees were. 
Her solution: Using a black light pen, or Invisible Ink, to number each RSVP card.

I didn't think much of it, but figured it wouldn't hurt to utilize it. Plus I wanted to see if it worked.

It worked.

We received an RSVP card in the mail today, but it was just marked as not attending. Ok people, who is not attending? We have a huge list of people and I don't want to call the wrong person when the mailing deadline arrives and hassle them for their RSVP. There is a line for your name, use it! haha

When you look at the back of the invite with the naked eye, this is all you see.

Lucky me, I used the black-light pen! I shined the little black-light tip to see the number, looked at our list and figured out who the anonymous non-attendee was based on the number. 


SO, for those planning a wedding and wanting clever/unique RSVPs - or simply want to track your RSVPs - get the black-light (Invisible Ink) pen! :-]
You can also add my little caption: P.S If you do not RSVP, bring a chair and a sandwich
Seems to have worked well so far! :-]

I bought two at the time from DealExtreme
I paid $2.78. Not bad.

Alana XoXo


  1. Such a clever gal! You should work for the CIA. Cracks me up, but it is necessary since too many people these days cannot follow instructions. By the way, I am sure you know that as Mother of the Bride, I will be there! haha. I don't want to mess up the wedding invitiation that I plan on framing in a shadow box!

    Love you!


    1. I thought it was rather clever. Just make sure to let me know what you and dad are eating, as well as a song request if ya'll have one. :-)


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