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The Characters

          There will be people mentioned quite often in my blogs and I wanted to give you a face for the names. Listed below are the "Characters":

My Husband, Henry <3
Henry and I on St. Patty's Day 2011

Our two year anniversary/Valentine's Day dinner in New York City

         I met Henry while attending A&M one drunken night at northgate, while waiting for a ride from Carpool - Carpool is a  student volunteer service that drives students home so they do not drink and drive. He had seen an old friend and myself dancing, and me spinning her on a puddle of water to where she slipped - falling and busting her butt. Henry approached us in the  Carpool line saying, "Hey! You're the girl who ate it!" A week later when we met up for the 2nd time we became attached at the hip!! His smooth talking ways have kept me hooked ever since! I couldn't ask for a more honest, loving, handsome, country loving man!! 

The Girls:
3 of the greatest girls anyone could ask for at a "White Trash" party
             These girls are some of the greatest, most reliable girlfriends anyone could ask for!! We pretty much met my Junior year of college on a random girls night out - it feels like that girls night out never ended!
             To my right with the green hat is Danni - she is by far one of the most loyal friends I have ever had! We met on a whirlwind situation, in the same hotel room spring break once upon a time in Panama City Beach, Florida. We each came with separate friends, who turned out not to be such good friends after all, in turn making us best friends! My last few years of college and post college would not be the same without this woman! 
              Next is Lauryn - talk about one of the sweetest, most loving girls ever! I don't think I have every really seen Lauryn NOT laughing or at least a smile on her face. She has a contagious laugh and personality that I adore! I met her through Danni on the random girls night out. Through many adventures she has also become another one of my best friends.
             Next to Lauryn is Emily - Emily can dance like nobody's business!! Anywhere, anytime give her some good music and she can bust a move to it! She is extremely kind hearted - and may look innocent, but don't let her fool you, she has an attitude! 
I pity any idiot who tries to mess with me because as said before by the girls, you mess with one of us, you get the wrath of all of us - no questions asked.
Taylor and I after our Color In Motion 5k
Taylor is my local bestie! I would not be able to survive this small town without her. She is crafty, driven, hard-working, dependable and a much better friend than I deserve. She is a joy to be around and I know she will always have the perfect advice no matter the situation. She is wise beyond her years and I love her like another sister. I look forward to her helping me and learning along side me as we learn the ways of country life - wearing our fabulous shoes of course.

Airika - at her recent July 2011 bachelorette party!
            Last, but not least Riki - She is the longest friendship I have had with a female other than family. She is not only one of my best friends, she is like a sister to me. We have been best friends since the 10th grade, and have gone through the ups and downs together that a typical high school and college girl go through. She is so loving, loyal, and fun to hang out with - Oh the countless wine/scrapbooking nights we have had together. I know if I am having a meltdown I can go to her day or night and she will help calm me down. She is a wonderful friend, wife, and mother to one of the cutest little boys I have ever met named Rasce.

My family - 
The day I received my Aggie Ring

               I am very blessed for the family I have. Don't get me wrong, they are wacky, crazy, goofy, and sometimes emotionally unstable haha - far from normal! I like to think I am a big Daddy's girl. Most people say I am the spitting image of him, and no matter how big I get I will always be his Pumpkin!
Giving my Daddy a big ole kiss on the cheek!! Love him very much!

              My Mom, Lana. We can fight and yell, but that's how we do things. It's the Italian in her roots I guess haha No matter how big the fight, we go right back to the mother/daughter we were the day before without the slightest hesitation. She has been through a lot, but has never let that slow her down or keep her from being there for her daughters.

My mom and I wedding dress shopping - of course the dress itself is cut out :-)

             My sister, Stefanie, is by far the greatest friend a girl or sister could ask for. She is a giant firecracker packed into that tiny body of a girl that she is. Anyone messes with me, she has my back in a heartbeat. We have been through everything together, naturally since we are sisters, and every bit of it has made us stronger than ever. God gave me the ultimate little sister!
My sister and I taking one of our many photos together! Getting excited for our night out.

The Kids - 
My first baby boy, Tux

My second baby boy, Dunk, enjoying our car ride to Michigan with his big brother Tux.
         Our two Mini-Aussies are our children! (Until September 1st when we our first baby baby is due!) They bring me such joy each and every day. It's the greatest feeling coming home and having them greet me at the door with a toy, wagging their butts uncontrollably ready for me to pet them! Henry and I spoil these boys to death!

September 1, 2013 is when we will be expecting our first child! The news of our first child has brought us joy beyond description. It has also brought us closer than I thought possible. I know this child will only help this City girl become more country. I look forward to learning the ways of country life, raising farm animals and FFA events. It will definitely have its hysterical moments. <3