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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

To Be Or Not To Be....That Is A Very Good Question.

Please be mindful of any comments you decide to leave, it took a lot to post this and open up.

The random quotes are quotes I have found and love. All can be found here: Pinterest: Words of Wisdom

As most of you know, I am pregnant! Henry and I are learned we are expecting our first child just a few short months following our wedding we planned for 2 1/2 years.

During our wedding planning process I learned a lot about myself, Henry, our personal styles and who in our life was really willing to go the extra mile, and who just wanted to be present when there was a crowd to save-face. 

I had friends and family willing to do whatever they could whether they lived down the street or hours away. People driving hours to be there for me just for a day, people skyping with me to see what they could do to help and people doing something as simple as texting me and asking if I was ok. Wedding planning was stressful people! LOL I definitely learned, no matter how much time you have, something will go wrong. It's inevitable. You just have to grit your teeth and laugh it off. 

Then there were other friends and family members that claimed they would do this or that, wanted to help this way or that way, but when it came down to it, they were no where to be found. BUT the day of the wedding they were there showing their pearly whites and acting like they had been there for me the entire process. 

Now that I am pregnant I find some of the same people, doing the same thing. 

To be or not to be a part of my life, that is the question. 
How many chances do you give someone?
 How long do you go on pretending you don't care? 
How long do you pretend their snide comments don't bother you?
How long do you allow them to pretend to the world they are your best "friend" and would do anything for you, when in fact behind closed doors they do nothing?

Going to college was a real eye-opener for me. I got to meet a lot of new people, and see how other people lived their lives. How different relationships functioned. I learned that some of the relationships I had thought were normal, were actually extremely dysfunctional, such as my boyfriend of 5 years at the time. Holy Guacamole was that the most dysfunctional relationship ever, but before going to college, I thought it was the bees-knees. Sad really.

Talking with my amazing sister-in-law today at lunch made me realize a lot. I love her much like my own little sister because both ladies are real. They don't pretend to be someone they are not. They are honest, truthful even when the truth hurts, real, smart, funny, dependable and so much more than a girl could dream of asking for from two women. I know I can talk to either girl, tell them the truth, even when it may be negative towards them and they listen with open ears and hearts. I don't ever have to feel like I am walking on glass when talking to them and same for them with me. The only other girls in my life that are this way would be my best friends Danni, Taylor and Riki. Another great thing about all these ladies and we all know, you don't say something behind someones back if you would be ashamed if they found out, or wouldn't say it to their face. It's a way a lot of women should be, but sadly in our society a lot of women gossip and honestly don't know how to be REAL.

I realized I am exerting a lot of wonderful energy on things that don't deserve energy at all. I am pregnant for petes sake and could be using all this productive energy on the future nursery, shopping, scrapbooking, re-organzing my craft room, taking day trips, surprising the Hubby with a new garage work-station, and oh, did I mention shopping? I am GREAT at shopping. HA! 

There are always going to be people in your life who love you and tolerate you through good and bad. 
Kind of like wedding vows. 
People who not only expect respect, but give it to.
No one is perfect.
People fuck up. Pardon my french.
At the end of the day it is up to you who you allow in your life. 
You choose who to give your time and energy too.
No one can force you to do anything you truly don't want to do.

"Sister is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strong relationship." Margaret Mead

Sunday, February 24, 2013


So my family has been in a sort of awkward stage I guess you could say, ever since we announced Baby J was going to be joining us.

Henry's family has been phenomenal during this whole thing and supportive beyond imagination. Their joy makes my heart smile.

My family though, is another story.

My whole family is technically excited, except my Dad. Up until the announcement my Dad made comment after comment how he was to "too young to be a grandpa" and how we needed "to wait to have kids" if anyone mentioned Henry and I having kids. Not in a joking manner either. 

Now I am 25 years old, I'm not a teenager. I have graduated college, my hubby and I have lived in a lovely home we bought over 2 years ago, and my husband has a successful business that provides us with a life most 25 year olds do not have the luxury of living. We are truly blessed.
My dad was 21 when he had me, so yes he is young, but I am not. Well, yes I am young, but my eggs are getting old. Lol Get it?

When we announced to our close relatives on Christmas Eve that we were having a baby there was a lot of excitement and tears of joy. Except my Dad. My aunt posted a picture of my Mom, Dad and Sister sitting with their shirts and my Dad looked as if he was ready to slit someone's throat. I text her to ask her to remove the photos because looking at them just made me boil with anger over what should have been a joyous occasion. Given we had an ugly fight weeks before the announcement and hadn't spoken since, but he was fighting with EVERYONE in my family, not just me. I guess it was his "period". I figured the announcement would have been a way to break the ice and move forward, but he chose to continue the bitterness and inflame the situation.

Later that evening we went to my parents house to open gifts, my Dad refused to come upstairs and open gifts with us. He actually started screaming and yelling at my Mom downstairs when she kept asking him to come join us. Finally, she gave up and came upstairs to join us alone as we heard my parents bedroom door slam shut.

I tried so hard to fight back tears of disappointment. I mean really!?!? This isn't about you! This is about us! Could he not FAKE a smile?? I guess I should've known that he was too selfish to think of anyone other than himself and his vanity.

Growing up both my parents have always demanded we apologize for anything and everything, even when I truly felt they were the ones who should've done the apologizing (my mom would apologize, but my Dad has never ONCE apologized). But it was always "You need to say sorry or else." "You need to be the bigger person and apologize." "You better apologize or we won't pay for you to go back to college." "You better apologize or have a nice life." And the list goes on with numerous texts and e-mails I still have as proof. But now that it's his turn to apologize do I get one? Nope.

My Mom has tried unsuccessfully justifying his reaction with things such as, "He would've preferred if you would've told him in private and not in front of others."Ok one, I don't care what he preferred. It was our news to share the way we wished. There were only two other aunts, two other uncles, 2 foster kids and 4 cousins present. All are very close family members. Plus, I live 5 hours away and wanted a way to include everyone. It's not like it was a huge party. But even then, what's his reasoning for being such a jerk after we got home and not even wishing us a safe trip home???

Needless to say, I am tired of always being the bigger person. I am tired of certain family members talking crap about him then having the audacity to tell me to get over this.  I've always HAD to apologize. No matter what. Now it's my turn to demand an apology, and rightfully so. That is a moment he can never take back or re-do. I'm tired of him walking all over everyone and treating them how he chooses with no consequences, but now that he has nothing to hold over my head "it's my way or the highway". 

Alana XoXo

Thursday, February 21, 2013


How far along? 12 Weeks
Total weight gain? I have an appointment on Monday the 25th where they will most definitely weigh me. I am betting I have gained more than I probably should. Oopsie. :-)
Maternity Clothes? Still rocking the loose blouses and tanks. Trying to hold out on purchasing actual maternity clothes. 
Stretch Marks? Nada
Sleep: Still having the sharp pains waking me up at night, except starting Thursday. I actually had semi-sound sleep Thursday, excluding one middle of the night potty break.
Best moment this week: Getting rid of the bloating! Whoop! And deciding on a baby room theme. <3
Miss Anything? Alcohol. Again, don't judge people.
Movement: No movements. We can't wait for them to start though!
Food cravings: Red Lobster cheesy biscuits. Oh yummy! Oh and mustard. I HATED mustard prior to pregnancy, and now I am craving it. It is mind-boggling to me how much pregnancy changes things, especially taste-buds. If men thought women were confusing before, pregnancy is a whole'nother curve-ball.
Anything making you queasy or sick: No queasiness this week. Yea buddy!!
Gender Prediction: Baby Girl.
Labor Signs: Too soon
Symptoms: I haven't had any actual "symptoms" this week. Other than the typical face not figuring out if it wants to be oily or not problem, and random cravings. BUT, I had a breakthrough on my face dilemma. I had a small amount of Mac mineral powder left over and mineralized water moisturizer, and thought screw it, I will try it. My face actually took to the make-up and stuck! I went to dinner feeling pretty for the first time in a few weeks and not like my face was going to melt off. It was even extremely humid at dinner and we ate outside. When we got back to our hotel room, make-up was still flawless. Bingo baby! Oh and my bloating dilemma...I finally called the doctor after standing up doing the dishes and feeling as if someone took a knife, stabbed me in my back at a downward angle and was slowing twisting the knife for a good 5 minutes. It was a paralyzing pain that sent me into tears. Turns out my tummy medicine for my gastroparesis that I had stopped taking is ok to take during pregnancy AND something they prescribe for bloating/gastric reflux. I had overly stuffed myself at Red Lobster, came home, took my tummy medicine and was almost immediately better. I had a whole nights sleep without sharp pains and no bloating or queasiness since. LOVE!
Belly Button in or out? Innie
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy Happy!! 
Looking forward to: Getting an actual baby bump, decorating the nursery, finding out the gender (6 more weeks!!!), and feeling Baby J move!
Baby Names? Still have to be Henry the 3rd for a boy. Then baby girl is getting more variety: Claire, Adaleine, Annabelle, Adalena <3
Thoughts: I figured I would add this for adding random thoughts that occur during the week. Now I am opening myself to honesty here, so please be mindful of any replies. I am slightly annoyed at all the people "raining" on my gender team parade. I love when people say whether they are "Team Boy" or "Team Girl"! It's exciting to see people get excited over such a special time in our lives with us. What annoys me is when people kind of make snippy remarks or just say, "How about just a healthy baby?" "All I care about is if they are healthy." As if by saying Team boy or girl means we don't want a healthy baby.  Really?? I have never heard anyone say, "I hope it's a boy with down syndrome." OF COURSE I WANT A HEALTHY BABY! That is a given. So when I, or anyone else for that matter, states what team they are on, don't throw the healthy baby remark out there. Everyone wants to have a healthy baby. Let us enjoy Team Blue or Pink gosh darnit!


How far along? 11 Weeks
Total weight gain? Still don't know yet. My next doctors appointment is week 13! <3
Maternity Clothes? I finally ordered a Maxi dress to cater to the future growing belly. I am still wearing my regular clothes now, although I have opted for more flowy blouses and tanks to hide the slight beer baby bulge. 
Stretch Marks? Still in the clear. 
Sleep: Well this has been affected by my newest "symptom". Sharp lower abdominal pains. They are so painful they wake me up at night. There were a few nights I laid in bed for hours kind of rocking in pain. 
Best moment this week: Eating CRAWFISH! 
Miss Anything? Alcohol. Holy crap do I miss alcohol. I was not a HUGE drinker pre-baby, but I did enjoy my Sangria and glasses of wine. Oh and mojitos.
Movement: No movements.
Food cravings: I was at dinner with the hubby the other night and the bar area walked in with a case of rum...Let's just say I had the craziest urge to want to grab that box of rum and run! It was an awful, torturous craving. Don't judge.
Anything making you queasy or sick: I was actually able to eat a burger this week, but onions still top the list for no eating.
Gender Prediction: Girl. Girl. Girl. Now I am team boy, but don't get me wrong, I have reasons I love both. I just really want a little momma's boy. 
Labor Signs: Too soon
Symptoms: All day sickness is still lingering, which doesn't make the lower abdominal pain any better, topped with the bloating. Oh and my face can't decide if it wants to be an oil slick or desert. Either way, my forehead has begun to breakout - my forehead has never been broken out in my life. I was the one or two big pimple kind of girl, never over-all little bumps. My forehead is embarassing. To top it off, all of my wonderful make-up won't stick. Primer won't help, I've tried multiple brands, translucent powder doesn't help, nothing. I've done facials, microderms, different face washes, toners, moisturizers....I spent over $200 on NEW make-up to try and see if another brand or formula would work. Nope. Now I have tons of Clinique, Revlon, Smashbox, Pur, BareMinerals, Urban Decay, etc. makeup I can't wear. At least not until my skin figures out what it wants to do. I feel like I am in some awkward ugly duckling growing phase. HA!
Belly Button in or out? Innie
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy most of the time, other than when it comes to getting ready in the morning. That depresses me.
Looking forward to: Getting an actual baby bump and decorating the nursery.
Baby Names? Still have to be Henry the 3rd. Then baby girl is still leaning toward Claire or Adaleine, but started liking Annabelle too. <3


How far along? 10 Weeks
Total weight gain? Haven't weighed myself yet, we don't own a scale. 
Maternity Clothes? Not yet, but occasionally the pants are a bit tight. Boo.
Stretch Marks? Nada
Sleep: Sleeping well, other than having crazy freaking dreams. I am talking BIZARRE! 
Best moment this week: Won money to buy an awesome diaper bag. HA!
Miss Anything? Not feeling bloated! As usual.
Movement: No movements.
Food cravings: I had this crazy craving for Taco Bell this week, and Dunkaroos!! But fruit is still topping the list of food choices.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Red meat and onions still. Hubby tried to cook onions and I gagged the moment they touched my tongue. So depressing! It's crazy how I can recall wonderful dishes and how they taste, but the moment I actually try to eat onions, they are repulsive. 
Gender Prediction: Still Girl.
Labor Signs: Too soon
Symptoms: Well all day sickness is back! Not cool, I thought I was in the clear. Then of course my new best friend, bloating. Started to look a tiny bit preggo this week, but to a stranger it probably looks like I ate too many cupcakes or drank one too many beers.
Belly Button in or out? Innie
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy Happy Happy
Looking forward to: Getting an actual baby bump and decorating the nursery.
Baby Names? Still have to be Henry the 3rd - although if I could choose, I would pick Elijah. Then baby girl is still leaning toward Claire or Adaleine. <3

First set of baby toys bought last week! 

Monday, February 18, 2013


Ok so I have really been lacking on the baby board updates via the blog, but get ready for a few weeks to be cranked out so we can catch up to current week 12. Oops! haha

How far along? 9 Weeks
Total weight gain? Up 5 lbs - I think 99% of it is because of boob growth.
Maternity Clothes? Not yet, although I have been eyeing some gorgeous Maxi dresses that could double as maternity clothes.
Stretch Marks? None yet, and hope non EVER.
Sleep: Starting to wake up at 3 am every night to teedle
Best moment this week: Getting to buy our baby their first toys! :-)
Miss Anything? Not feeling bloated. Holy crap do I feel bloated all the time.
Movement: No movements.
Food cravings: Still want fruit or a smoothie for every meal...other than that, not much of an appetite, which is driving the hubby nuts
Anything making you queasy or sick: Red meat and onions, coming from a girl that LOVED onions.
Gender Prediction: Girl, I really want a boy, but have a crazy feeling it's a girl.
Labor Signs: Too soon
Symptoms: Well other than bloating, that is about it. First week without all day sickness. Yippee!
Belly Button in or out? Innie
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy Happy Happy
Looking forward to: Getting an actual baby bump!
Baby Names? For a boy it has to be Henry the 3rd. A girl, we are really liking Claire and Adaleine. :-)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gender Reveal: How To Announce Baby J As A Boy Or Girl

If you ever browse Pinterest, then you will see the Gender Reveal Party ideas taking over people's baby boards. Some old fashion folks prefer the idea of waiting until the baby pop's out, but the latest generation trend is the Reveal Party/Shower. Henry and I have decided we would like to jump on this bandwagon, but don't know exactly which of the many fabulous ideas to use! That is why I have listed some of our favorite ideas. We need your help in voting, or suggesting alternatives, to help us decide how to reveal Baby J's gender to family and friends.
We find out the gender in just under 8 weeks, with the reveal shower to follow shortly after the doctor puts the gender in a sealed envelope where even we won't know until the shower.
This means we need to come up with an idea, so the shower planning and theme can begin!
1) Gender Reveal Scratch Off:
Etsy Source
If we chose this idea everyone would receive a scratch off, but only ONE would have 3 bows or 3 mustaches (or feet or anchors or bees, whatever the theme may be). This way everyone gets to be involved. We can either buy them pre-made off Etsy, or use one of the many How-Tos that can be found online.
2) Fizzy Drink Gender Reveal:
Pinterest Baby Board
The science nerd in me loves this idea!
Henry suggested as a way to prevent some party-pooper from spoiling the surprise before everyone is ready by being an eager beaver, was to get a pretty vase in the center of the room, fill it with water, and everyone toss the fizzy into the vase at once.
Wishing Well Style. 
We could opt to give everyone a fizzy or a select few. Or hell, just Henry and I could drop one in together in the front of the room.
3) Box of Balloons Gender Reveal:
Pinterest Baby Board
Etsy Source: Balloon Reveal Box Vinyl Decor
 This is a pretty common reveal along with the cake/baked good reveal.
You take a decorated box, have the balloon place fill the box with the correct color, then release the balloons in front of family and friends. Simple and sweet! You could opt to do regular latex balloons, get different shaped balloons in the correct color, have streamers attached to the balloons, etc. All different ways to dress it up!
4) Confetti Balloon Gender Reveal:
GreyLikesBaby Blog
 This idea could get messy, but I love it! I do not know exactly how this couple had the confetti release, but this is what I have pictured in my head.
You get some pink balloons, some blue balloons, then two black balloons.
Have the balloon store fill the two nice sized black balloons with the correct color confetti.
When it is time to reveal, you each pop the two black balloons and down rains beautiful gender colored confetti! Partay!
5) Bubble Gum Gender Reveal:
Frosted Petti Coat Blog
 For this one, the photographer was the only one who knew. Everyone closed their eyes, photographer placed the correct color gumball in the parents-to-be mouths, and then everyone opened their eyes.
My sister also had the idea of instead of revealing the gum-ball, you could blow a bubble. 
Super Cute! 
6) Cake/Cupcake/Cake Pop Gender Reveal:
Pinterest Baby Board
 This idea you could do one whole cake, where Henry and I would slice into the cake and the cake or filling would be pink or blue. You could do cupcakes, everyone bites into it to reveal pink or blue. You could do filled cupcakes, where the filling is pink or blue. Cake pops, cake balls, etc. Lots of yummy edible options here. This is also the most traditional way people have done it.
7) Party Popper Gender Reveal:
Pinterest Baby Board
This is a new idea I haven't seen used yet.
Everyone gets a party popper filled with the correct color, count 1,2,3 and POP!
Out comes pink or blue!
8) Gender Reveal Pinata:
Etsy Source
Who doesn't know how a Pinata works?
Hang piñata in a tree, everyone takes a whack at it, colored candy/confetti/glitter, etc. falls out!
Gender revealed! Voila!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

1 + 1 = 3

The Saturday before Christmas Henry and I learned the special news that we would become three. Friday I went in for a blood bHCG since Henry and I had been trying, but would not get the results until Monday morning. Torture.
I had been up nauseas all night Friday. I text my bestie, Taylor, Saturday morning to let her know I wouldn't be making Yoga that morning because I was feeling pretty awful. She text back, "Sick? Or Morning Sickness?".
I immediately sat up in bed. I thought to myself, noooo, nooooo. I honestly didn't think I would become preggers on the first try. It's suppose to take months!
Henry was up about to give the dogs a bath. I ran past him yelling, "I have to teedle!!" slamming the door shut and trying to quietly open a pregnancy test.

Sure enough the moment I put the cap on and turned it over to set down the two pink lines crept across. I started instantly shaking from the adrenaline while simultaneously doing a happy dance, fist pumping and silently screaming at myself in the mirror. Lol
I shoved the pregnancy test in the cabinet and grabbed the unused one to take a second one in the guest bathroom. Sure enough, same thing happened.
Henry requested I wait to tell him on Christmas Day with a cookie cake. There was no way I could wait four more days and not tell ANYONE! He's crazy.
I text his mom and asked her to go get a cookie cake, since obviously if I left he would know something was up. She text back, "Really!? I'm so excited!!" His dad then text me excited too.

I could hardly contain my joy waiting for lunch time to roll around so we would have an excuse to go to his parent's house. Luckily, Blondie text me asking if I had made her Hawaiian Sweet Roll recipe the other week, because she was going to make it for lunch. Whether she meant to or not, that was the perfect text to show Henry so we could head over.

Herman was outside pacing around. Henry snickered thinking it was because his dad was trying to resist lighting a cigarette, but I knew it was because he has a hard time keeping secrets. HA!

Herman grabs me as Henry walks in to let me know the cookie cake was in the corner of the kitchen with a towel over it.

We are all four in the kitchen, Henry is chatting away not realizing that Blondie, Herman and Myself are trying to avoid eye-contact. I am trying to devise a way to get the video camera going without looking straight up suspicious, so we can have it on video when we tell him. Finally Henry goes to the restroom. We start frantically moving around. I am trying to get my dang camera to focus so Blondie can record, and it keeps staying blurry. Henry eventually waltzes out of the restroom as his mom and I are huddled behind the kitchen cabinet fumbling around with the camera and trying to keep the cookie cake hidden. I say screw it, it's recording lol, grab the cookie cake and walk over to Henry.

Henry looks really confused and very inquisitively asks all of us, "What's going on?". He finally sees the cookie cake and the joy just spreads across his face. "REALLY!?" I explain to him the pregnancy tests were positive and sure enough we are having a baby! All of us are tearing up, there was lots of hugs, kisses, and celebrating. Henry's dad even bought a bottle of sparkling grape juice so we could all toast to the great occasion. His parent's are amazing!

Later that day his sister comes over and I had asked Henry to put the cake in his car, afraid his little nieces would see it and go Facebook happy announcing it to the world before we were ready. I find out Henry only hid a tiny hand rag over it on the bar. Of course his family can sniff out sweets a mile away, so all of a sudden I hear, "What's the cookie cake for?" as she lifts the rag up. I jump up to show her the silence signal with my finger over my lips. She gets the same giddy look as everyone else and yells, "Really!?" "Yes, really." as she rushes over to give me a huge hug. I explain to her how we dont want the kids knowing though until we get a doctor confirmation. Plus, I didn't want many more people knowing until I had the chance to tell my parent's. If word got out before I personally told them, they would be so upset, especially my sister. I really wanted her to be the next to know after Henry, but I had a special way to announce it that had to wait until the Christmas party. It took every fiber of my body not to text her! HA!

I told Taylor once she got out of Yoga and she was beyond happy for us. She isn't sister by blood, but she will make a fabulous aunt! :-)

We headed to my family's Christmas party in Houston the next day. There we pulled my Aunt Marilyn aside to tell her. It took a bit to get her in the garage alone, but once we did she did a happy dance for us and put her hand on my belly. She is an amazing aunt who I adore!

Next we pulled my grandparents aside. My grandpa was adorable to say the least. I had no idea he would get so excited. I started saying, "We have some exciting news we want to share with yall." before I could get another word out my grandma blurts, "YOUR PREGNANT!" We all started laughing, well yes we are. LOL My Grandpa luckily had his video camera on as well and gives me a great big hug, grinning ear-to-ear. He says, "I can't believe I may actually get to live to see my great-grandkids from yall!" He was all smiles and it made my heart smile to see how happy this news made him. I really didn't think it would phase them too much since I am like in the middle of their 20 grandkids and they already have like 10 great-grandkids. I guess I am just the favorite. HA!

Later my cousin Matthew messaged me on facebook and told me his mom told him and told us congratulations. He is such a great kid.

I had text my Aunt Robin the day we found out. I had told her we were trying and had gone in for a blood test, but her and my sister at the time were the only ones who knew, other than Henry for obvious reasons. When we arrived at her house Christmas Eve she was extremely excited and using code questions to ask how I was in front of my younger cousin. My Uncle Warren, her husband, then pulled me aside to say congrats as well. 

My Uncle Bubba is always "santa" on my mom's side of the family. All he knew before he began passing out gifts was the three Aggie gifts on the coffee table were to be handed out first and to make sure my mom, dad and sister opened them side-by-side at the same time or it would ruin the "joke". 
Once everyone was situated we began with the gifts. All three open their gifts to see three t-shirts. They all hold them up and you could see them peeking at each others shirt trying to wrap their brain around what they said. Then it was, "Noooo! Noooo!" My sister started crying and yelled, "REALLY!?!?" (Response of the season) My mom began squealing. My Uncle Bubba hugged me tightly and everyone was congratulating us. Bubba even stopped in the middle of passing gifts a bit later and squeezed my hands, slightly tearing up. I adore my family, other than my dad. My dad however didn't congratulate or hug either of us. As we left town he didn't even come to wish us a safe trip. Dad of the year right there, or I guess I should say Grandpa.

Everyone's excitement made up for those lacking. It was so sweet to see how happy everyone was. I am the oldest child, oldest niece, oldest grandchild on my moms side, so it was exciting for everyone except the Grinch.
As soon as Christmas Eve festivities were over, it was back to Cleburne to enjoy our first Christmas as a married couple and last Christmas before we officially become a family.

Best Christmas Ever!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Aggie Style Bridals

You will probably hear me rave about our wonderful photographer and friend, Michelle Peyronet Jones, for the rest of my life. She is the one who captured our beautiful engagements, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception. She also went above and beyond for my bridals.

Henry and I met while attending Texas A&M together, so to say Aggieland is dear to my heart is an understatement. 
Aggieland is where I began my first true adventure away from home, met some of the greatest friends a girl could dream for, received a wonderful education, learned what true camaraderie meant, and of course, met my Aggie Sweetheart. 
Did I mention I also have an A&M tattoo? Yea, that school is a pretty big deal to me. 

When Michelle said she was willing to do a day trip to College Station for the Bridals I was ecstatic! I of course had to bring along bridesmaids Megan (Henry's cousin) and Stefanie (sister) to help with toting my dress and fixing things here and there while Michelle took the photos. 

We began by hair and make-up. My make-up was a bit too bold at first, let's just say border line black-eye-ish with how much purple there was, so luckily Michelle was able to talk to the make-up artist and get her to tone it down more to my liking. 

Then it was off to Kyle Field! 
We had to park illegally and I knew A&M was notorious for parking tickets, so Michelle wrote a quick note to let the parking attendant know we were hurrying to take bridals and would be right back. I don't know if it worked or if he never saw, but there was no ticket. Whoop!

Apparently the gates had just closed! Michelle found a sweet old man and sweetly talked him into un-locking the gates for us so we could take some quick shots on the field. Michelle worked at lightening speed to capture some beautiful shots. That day was the mans wedding anniversary, and had nothing but kind words to say as he walked us out and locked everything back up. 

Next was the famous Century Tree. When I toured the A&M campus this tree was one of the main reasons I said yes to A&M instead of Baylor. Yes a tree. There were fresh red rose petals all under the tree from a recent proposal and the professor showing me the campus explained the importance of this gorgeous tree. After Henry proposed, we trekked across campus to walk under this tree and make our engagement "official". When I went to show Michelle the location (prior to the wedding dress being on) numerous students stopped to warn us not to walk under the tree alone, for fear we would be doomed to a life of loneliness. They were truly concerned. lol

Thanks to the wonderful summer heat and my layers upon layers of tulle I nearly passed out and we decided it would be best to move to our next location indoors....The Dixie Chicken! 
I had a friend who had stunning photos taken here, so of course I was a copy-cat. hehe
Also, Henry proposed to me right behind the Dixie Chicken where we officially met for the first time. 
Since it was Michelle's first time to the Dixie Chicken she was able to come up with some GREAT shots that ended up being some of my favorites!!

Thanks to the long lasting sun in Texas, after moving around to all these locations we still had plenty of time to make it to the Aggie Barn on the edge of town in time for the magical sunset sky. The barn photos were beautiful, however all the crickets climbing between my layers of tulle were not. HAHA
After the photos I sat down in the car to feel something jumping around in my dress. I jumped out like a mad woman and nearly stripped down to nothing right next to the road trying to get the mysterious critter out of my dress and far away from me!

A few months later I had scheduled boudoir photos with Michelle as my Hubby-to-be's wedding gift. On top of the boudoir photos, I received a second set of Bridals (WHOOP!) as a kind of trade-for-print deal with a new wedding venue in Arlington, Howell Family Farms, and a new Aggie-owned-and-operated Vintage Furniture rental company, Gold Dust Vintage Rentals. The vintage furniture was GORGEOUS, and had this venue existed when we had been looking, it would have been a top contender on our list.