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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Barnes and Noble Customer Service....SUCKS!!

Today I proceed to purchase my Hubby his gifts from Barnes and Noble Online since we finally received our rewards gift cards. I had $250 in B&N gift cards, but unfortunately they sent them in $25 increments. Lame.

I proceed to check out with my $350 order - because you can never spend JUST the gift card amount - and it informs me I can only enter two gift cards per order. TWO?!?!? WTH!? Gjhfhnjgbjkh!!!!

Now there is no way I am going to break this order up into 8 different orders and pay EIGHT different express shipping fees!!
Soooo I call customer service. I should've known the moment I heard the foreign accent this was going to be one of those stereotypical, no-good, terrible, horrible, customer service experiences.

I proceed to explain my dilemma of 10 gift cards, and only allowed three entries, and not wanting to pay excessive express shipping fees.

CSR: "Oh but standard shipping is free so it shouldn't be a problem."

Me: "Um, no, I am doing express shipping and that is not free."

CSR: "Express shipping is free if you are a Barnes and Noble Member."

Me: "Well, I am not a Barnes and Noble member, hence why Express shipping is NOT free and why I don't want to pay 8 separate shipping fees."

CSR: "Ok, well enter in your gift cards."

Me- rolls eyes and clenched jaw "Yes, I have entered in my two allowable gift cards but I still have 8 more to put towards the order. I would like to pay as little out of pocket as possible. Which is why I have called."

We go back and forth because for some odd reason he can't comprehend the number eight. Once he finally understands I have Eight more to apply we continue and he takes each number over the phone to apply to the order.

CSR: "Ok, give me the order number and I will apply the gift cards to your order."

Me: "Where to I find the order number?" Thinking, don't you have to complete the order to be given one!?!?

CSR: "Place the order and it should generate one."

Me: "I must enter a credit card to place the order to cover the remaining balance. It is NOT going to charge the full amount to my credit card if I click 'Place Order' will it?"

CSR: "No, there will still be time between then that I can apply the cards before it charges the remainder to your credit card."

I do so, give him the order number generated and he puts me on hold.

CSR: "It seems you applied your credit card to the remaining balance, so I cannot apply the gift cards without canceling the order and re-submitting it."

You dumbass!!!!! Is that not what I just asked you, you incompetent dipshit!!

Needless to say, I have now expressed to him that I am pissed because that is exactly what I asked prior to doing so and he instructed me to go ahead, and now I being informed the order has to be cancelled, THEN I have to wait 24-48 hours for them to get the cancellation confirmation from my bank to re-do the order.


So now I risk not getting the stuff in time because this flipping idiot has no idea what the hell he is talking about!

I proceed to ask to speak with someone else or a manager and he tells me no because they will only be able to provide the same resolution.
SO NOOOWWWW, I have to wait and go through this process all over again with potentially another dumbass!!!

I am very livid!!

I better get those gifts before Christmas, and I better not have to pay any excessive shipping fees to compensate for the dimwit's mistake I had to deal with! Ugh!!!!


  1. Found your blog through Goings on In Texas. First off I LOVE your blog name. Secondly, I HATE when you get the out-serviced customer service calls. Ours have gotten so bad with Dish Network and Verizon that now when we call either company and we get the foreign person that can't understand us we immediately either ask for someone who speaks English (which sounds really bad but we don't have time to sit on the phone for HOURS trying to explain to them what I can explain in 1 minute to a native English speaker) or we hang-up and call back smashing the zero from the moment the operator comes on >.<

    1. Thank you! It was our photographer's idea for our wedding theme, and it just kind of stuck. :-)

      That phone call was the most upsetting customer service experience EVER, but I completely understand the native English speaking part. I will DEFINITELY be asking for someone else next time. It was honestly like he was just partially listening to me and trying to piece together various words he keyed in on. To top it off, today i get my tracking number for the shipping confirmation - sooo he didn't even cancel the order like he said he would. Which works out in a way because I will get the gifts in time, but I am still short out of pocket with excessive gift cards. GAH! May have to do another give-away if the gift cards don't get charged. haha

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