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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wedding Romantics

It is time I share some of our amazing wedding photos with you!! 
To start off, I felt I needed to share our Romantics. 

We had such a roller-coaster wedding day, that seeing these pictures post-wedding made all the bad memories fade. I even asked out amazing photographer, Michelle Peyronet, "How in the WORLD did you capture such great wedding photos!?" 

The hair lady they sent had NO IDEA how to do the hairstyle I had requested during my TRIAL RUN and when I booked, caterer forgot napkins, we had rain, followed by great Texas humidity, a tornado watch, my bustle was ripped out right before our first dance, caterer forgot to serve us, guests disappeared to watch a football game in the grooms suite, our get-away limo didn't show, and the list continues. HA! 
So, needless to say, these photos made everything better.

We were very blessed to have the weather let up in time for an amazing sunset. 
The terrible weather created a phenomenal backdrop. <3

Source for all photos: Peyronet Photography
Location: Double Creek Crossing College Station, Texas

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  1. Hi Alana,

    I love your photos!!!!
    I also wanted to let you know that I nominated your for a Liebster
    Award because I love your blog :) You can check it out here:



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