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Thursday, March 28, 2013

16 Weeks

Henry and myself with our newest "baby" - Buddha!
How far along? 16 Weeks

Total weight gain? I will get weighed at the doctors week 17

Maternity Clothes? Rocking maternity tops! Although, I bought warm weather maternity clothes and then it dropped below freezing. LOVE Texas weather.

Stretch Marks? None.

Sleep: Sleep is good until I am up at around 4 am to go to the bathroom every night.

Best moment this week: Our new puppy!!! Completely non-baby related I know.

Miss Anything? Still. Missing. Alcohol. 

Movement: No movements yet, but apparently this week could be the week!

Food cravings: Fruit cravings are still pretty dominant next to Macaroni and Cheese. Thai food is a big deal too. I love that we have one literally down the street. Pad Thai, Panang Curry, Tom Yum, Tom Kha Kai - YUM! 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope! Been pretty good this week.

Gender Prediction: Baby Girl. 

Labor Signs: Too soon

Symptoms: Baby bump is the most obvious. Hair is growing like crazy still. My trainer and Henry's family has really noticed my hair being longer - I see it everyday so haven't really noticed. Crying. ha! The emotional crying has begun too. 

Belly Button in or out? Innie - although my cute tiny belly button is starting to get a little bit bigger. I am not liking it.

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: I am EXTREMELY happy! Odd? I had like 2 crying fits, but other than that happy.

Looking forward to: Doctors appointment on Monday to hear the heartbeat again, and our Gender Reveal Party on April 13th thanks to a wonderful friend Marina! Then of course, FEELING THE BABY MOVE!!

Baby Names? Still have to be Henry the 3rd for a boy. The baby girl name seems to be settled on Adaleine, however torn between a middle name still.

Thoughts: Anxious on feeling the baby move. I have felt so called flutters, but I want to feel an actual kick before I go around saying I felt the baby. Wondering how the first real movement will feel. :-)

Laughing as Buddha is jumping at our feet to be in the picture too!

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Friday, March 22, 2013


How far along? 15 Weeks

Total weight gain? Weighed myself at the gym I am up a total 1.4 lbs. 

Maternity Clothes? I officially bought my first maternity clothes. Two cute tank tops, two t-shirts, two dress shirts, skinny pants, crop leggings, long ruched leggings. My bump was officially raising shirts beyond my unzipped, rubber band pants and it wasn't too flattering. haha

Stretch Marks? None. 

Sleep: Sleep is good until I am up at around 4 am to go to the bathroom every night.

Best moment this week: Started working out with my personal trainer again and loving the results!

Miss Anything? Still. Missing. Alcohol. 

Movement: No movements yet.

Food cravings: Fruit cravings are still pretty dominant next to Macaroni and Cheese again. We went to Cracker Barrel and it was heaven! Especially their Chicken and Rice since my queasiness has returned.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Other than a particular time of day, nothing triggers it.

Gender Prediction: Baby Girl. 

Labor Signs: Too soon

Symptoms: Baby bump is officially visible!! Hair is growing like a weed, especially leg hair! It takes forever to shave my legs already, now I have to do it more often too. *I already struggle with shaving them enough as it is people!* Nose bleeds have started happening this week. Crazy right? Sunday I was doing the baby registry at Babies'R'Us with my cousin Rebekah and had to race across the store to throw up. We were at one of the biggest stores in Houston and of course we were alllll the way on the other end of the store. Then there were absolutely NO trash cans along the way. I was having a mini-panic attach thinking I was going to projectile vomit in the middle of the busy store trying to rush to the restroom. THEN, I accidentally ran into the mens restroom, where a big black guy was using the restroom, and just started puking my guts up. Sorry dude, your in a store with a bunch of pregnant chicks. Last but not least, stomach feels like the skin is going to rip. I have to eat every 2 hours before blood sugar starts dropping, and not over-eat or I feel miserable. 

Belly Button in or out? Innie

Wedding rings on or off? On during the day, but at night I have had to wake up and take it off because it feels too tight and wakes me up.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Despite all the crazy symptoms, I am EXTREMELY  happy! Odd?

Looking forward to: Our Gender Reveal Party on April 13th thanks to a wonderful friend Marina! I can't believe it is getting so close! 

Baby Names? Still have to be Henry the 3rd for a boy. The baby girl name seems to be settled on Adaleine, however torn between a middle name. 

Thoughts: You read all these horrible pregnancy symptoms and think, "God why would anyone want to be pregnant? That sounds miserable!" But despite all these crazy changes and symptoms you feel EXTREMELY happy. At least I do. You just think of that little baby and it makes everything worth it. Although you feel miserable at times, looking back I can barely recall how miserable I truly felt. My mind is already blocking out past yucky days. It's pretty cool. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


The Hubby and myself with the growing bump! <3

How far along? 14 Weeks

Total weight gain? Won't go to the doctor for another 3 weeks and still don't have a scale at home.

Maternity Clothes? None yet, however the bump is growing and I have purchased some daily leggings and tunics to come in the mail from Victorias Secret. I don't know why, but I am really not wanting to buy actual maternity clothes. Ugh! I want the bump, but not the maternity clothes lol.

Stretch Marks? None. 

Sleep: Sleep is becoming a bit restless and I am up at 6:45 am almost every morning due to the bladder.

Best moment this week: Getting to see Baby J again!!! You can read all about the experience with sono photos HERE: 14 WEEK SONO. Man I do I love this little baby! 

Miss Anything? Still missing alcohol. With the summer months coming up and all the pictures of Mojitos and Sangria...I feel tortured!

Movement: No movements. Watching the sono and seeing Baby J move SO MUCH I can't believe I didn't even feel a flutter. Patiently waiting though!

Food cravings: Fruit cravings are back. We have been making fruit dishes galore. Such as Belgian waffles with sliced strawberries, blackberries, and banana slices topped with powder sugar. YUM! Then craving lemon water, lemonade, and this amazing Kool-aide that I can't seem to find: Watermelon Cherry!! Luckily, I have 3 packets still left.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope! Yippee!

Gender Prediction: Baby Girl. 

Labor Signs: Too soon

Symptoms: Other than the baby bump slowly growing, and slight memory loss, I have been beyond HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

Belly Button in or out? Innie

Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy Happy!! 

Looking forward to: Our Gender Reveal Party on April 13th thanks to a wonderful friend Marina! 

Baby Names? Still have to be Henry the 3rd for a boy. Then baby girl options seem to be narrowing down to Adaleine and Adalena. We did a poll the other day asking which people liked most: Adaleine (Add-uh-line) seemed to win. We love both names. Adalena (Add-uh-Leen-uh) was a little German girls name from our Honeymoon, but my nickname in Germany was "Heatherleine", so Henry thought of the idea of taking Adalena to Adaleine. The "Leine" on the ending is suppose to mean something like "little love". I am leaning toward Adalena though since it is purely original.

Thoughts: I still can not get over how developed our baby was at 14 weeks. It really got me to thinking about all this abortion stuff. I am all for abortion if it is rape (police report to prove it) or medically necessary (doctors note to prove it), but if some girl just decided not to keep her legs closed, NO MA'AM! Especially if it is later in the pregnancy. Did you know they allow abortions even if the baby is near 24-28 weeks!!!!??? Partial Birth Abortion is what it is called. They deliver the baby only to the head, a slit is made in the back of the head, and a suction tube is stuck into the head to suck all the "Product of Conception's" brain out, skull is crushed, then the rest of the baby is delivered and disposed. WTF!?!?! Ugh! Now I am not going to post up with a sign and crucifix outside of an abortion clinic, but it has got me thinking. 

Monday, March 4, 2013


There is this amazing clinic called "Stork Vision" here in the DFW area. It's a place where you can just go see the baby, hear the heartbeat, have gender determination, etc.
They have a huge screen TV and comfy couches so you can comfortably bring up to 8 people to enjoy your baby with you. We scheduled a visit today at 9 am so we could get a full uninterrupted 10 minutes with our little Baby J.
Along with the visit, we got 8 images, a CD of all images, and a DVD of the sono. Yea Buddy!

The first image that pops up on the sono machine couldn't have been any more perfect! Baby J chilling on their back, giving us a thumbs up, Gig'em!!


Henry's parents joined us and we all began to laugh. The nurse was able to get two great photos of the Gig'Em. We were able to see all 10 fingers and toes. The butt, it's nose, chin, ear, spine, heartbeat - it was overwhelming joy!
You can see the left leg, and then the toes from the right foot! GAH!
Baby J had really long legs already, and looks to have Henry's big big toe. Haha! It seemed to have my family's Teague chin. I had a cup of coffee, toaster strudels, and nerds before the appointment to hopefully have Baby J squirming around, and it must have worked! Our kid was squirming around like crazy and had us all cracking up.
See the big toe!?
We got to see their sweet little hiccups, and at one point it threw its hand up and folded its hands back behind its head like it was just chilling.

It was tossing, turning and rolling around. At one point you could even see its little head snuggle into me! Ugh! Melting my heart! It's head was on one end and then you'd see it wiggle around to the other. I was trying hard to concentrate and see if I could feel it's movements but couldn't. I know when I can though, those movement will be non-stop. Haha! I also had to try to keep from laughing so much so she could keep the image up on the screen. It was too much fun!
Baby facing one side

Then baby flips to the other side
It's amazing how much you could see and how developed they are at 14 weeks.
The little Gig'Em sign was the icing on the cake. It was beyond exciting and something we will continue to brag and talk about until our dying day. I love this bundle of joy more than anything in this world, and just when I thought I couldn't love Henry any more than I already did, knowing this bundle of joy is part of him only amplifies my love and admiration for him. Ugh! Happy, Happy!

Ok enough cheesy stuff. :-)

Sunday, March 3, 2013


How far along? 13 Weeks
Total weight gain? 0.8 lbs! I finally have a bump and only gained 0.8lbs?
Maternity Clothes? Luckily I have one pair of Miss Me Jeans that are a loose comfortable fit, but I did go ahead and buy this pants band thing. Its a classier alternative to the hairband, as in it doesn't leave your fly hanging open. It is made to look like an extension of your jeans. 
Stretch Marks? Nada, I had a mini panic attack thinking I might have seen one on my hip, but then I realized I had just scratched myself. HA!
Sleep: Sleeping like a ROCK! Until about 6:45ish AM when I have to get up to teedle.
Best moment this week: HEARING BABY J'S HEARTBEAT & GETTING A BUMP! I had this terrible feeling that around week 10 Baby J had stopped growing. I mean I just knew the baby stopped. We went to the doctor for a check up and they did the little fetal ultrasound thing to find the heartbeat. It took the longest 5 minutes of my life to find the heartbeat....I could hear her pass over mine and slowly hear it getting faster and faster the longer it took her. Finally she found it and I began to tear up. A healthy 160 BPM! She apologized for taking so long and said that was going to be her last run before getting the doctor since she could see my heart rate increasing. After she left Henry said he had no idea there was anything wrong, he thought my heartbeat was the baby's the whole time, until the actual baby heartbeat came up, then he knew the difference. lol No wonder he wasn't panicking.
Miss Anything? Alcohol, particularly rum. Again, don't judge people.
Movement: No movements. We can't wait for them to start though!
Food cravings: Runts! I finally found them at Walgreens.
Anything making you queasy or sick: No queasiness this week. Yea buddy!!
Gender Prediction: Baby Girl. I have such a strong feeling it is a girl! Monday on Week 14 we go into Stork Vision just to see Baby J and they said their is a chance we might find out the gender...I hope not because I need Baby J to hide it's gender parts until we get closer to the reveal party! I am terrible at surprises.
Labor Signs: Too soon
Symptoms: My skin seems to be under control! I went ahead and ordered some more Mac mineral powder, charged water moisturizer and their Prep + Prime. I am getting the "rosy" look on my cheeks without using blush and the Prep + Prime REALLY evens out the color of my skin-tone. I feel much better about myself now. 
Biggest symptom of the week: BABY BUMP!!!! I was having major bump envy and one night I was putting on my a t-shirt to sleep in, looked down and WHAM there was the bump!!! I was so excited!! I took a ton of photos and was texting my sister who I had just complained to about my non-existent bump. 
Fatigue, I am pretty sure I slept about 16 hours the other day. Slept from about 2-8, woke up and watched a movie with the Hubby, then went back to sleep until 8 the next morning.
Belly Button in or out? Innie
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy Happy!! 
Looking forward to: Decorating the nursery, finding out the gender (5 more weeks!!!), and feeling Baby J move! Oh and getting to see Baby J again week 14! We get a full 10 minutes, which includes a CD of the heartbeat, DVD of the ultrasound, and photos of course. Henry's parents will be joining us and I can't wait to see Baby J squinch his/her tiny face and squirm around. You can bet that morning I will be having some coffee, fruit juice and a box of nerds. That baby will be moving up a storm. <3
Baby Names? Still have to be Henry the 3rd for a boy. Then baby girl options: Claire, Adaleine, Annabelle, Adalena <3
Thoughts: I am happy to have baby bump now, but going to the gym I feel like I look like that girl who hasn't worked out all winter. It is still a semi-awkward baby bump. I met up with my old personal trainer today and going to begin training sessions with her again. I know they say if you stay active before pregnancy you can continue after pregnancy, but I am really paranoid. It will make me feel better to know she is guiding me through proper posture and working out. plus, our babymoon is in June and this baby is no excuse to get fat. My belly may be huge, but every other part of me needs to be toned. 
Also, I know people are being kind or have good intentions when they say, "OMG you aren't big at all! Your bump is so tiny!" It's great to know I don't look like a whale and maintaining a good shape, I guess, but I guess they don't realize I have bump envy so deep down I am thinking, Thanks punk! How about now!? Then trying to press my belly out further. HA!