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Monday, March 4, 2013


There is this amazing clinic called "Stork Vision" here in the DFW area. It's a place where you can just go see the baby, hear the heartbeat, have gender determination, etc.
They have a huge screen TV and comfy couches so you can comfortably bring up to 8 people to enjoy your baby with you. We scheduled a visit today at 9 am so we could get a full uninterrupted 10 minutes with our little Baby J.
Along with the visit, we got 8 images, a CD of all images, and a DVD of the sono. Yea Buddy!

The first image that pops up on the sono machine couldn't have been any more perfect! Baby J chilling on their back, giving us a thumbs up, Gig'em!!


Henry's parents joined us and we all began to laugh. The nurse was able to get two great photos of the Gig'Em. We were able to see all 10 fingers and toes. The butt, it's nose, chin, ear, spine, heartbeat - it was overwhelming joy!
You can see the left leg, and then the toes from the right foot! GAH!
Baby J had really long legs already, and looks to have Henry's big big toe. Haha! It seemed to have my family's Teague chin. I had a cup of coffee, toaster strudels, and nerds before the appointment to hopefully have Baby J squirming around, and it must have worked! Our kid was squirming around like crazy and had us all cracking up.
See the big toe!?
We got to see their sweet little hiccups, and at one point it threw its hand up and folded its hands back behind its head like it was just chilling.

It was tossing, turning and rolling around. At one point you could even see its little head snuggle into me! Ugh! Melting my heart! It's head was on one end and then you'd see it wiggle around to the other. I was trying hard to concentrate and see if I could feel it's movements but couldn't. I know when I can though, those movement will be non-stop. Haha! I also had to try to keep from laughing so much so she could keep the image up on the screen. It was too much fun!
Baby facing one side

Then baby flips to the other side
It's amazing how much you could see and how developed they are at 14 weeks.
The little Gig'Em sign was the icing on the cake. It was beyond exciting and something we will continue to brag and talk about until our dying day. I love this bundle of joy more than anything in this world, and just when I thought I couldn't love Henry any more than I already did, knowing this bundle of joy is part of him only amplifies my love and admiration for him. Ugh! Happy, Happy!

Ok enough cheesy stuff. :-)


  1. freakin' awesome!!! Gig'em??? That is should totally come up with a saying that goes along with that! 10 Fingers 10 Toes...check; Heartbeat strong...check; Baby J giving a good ole fashion Gig'em hand sign at 14 weeks...PRICELESS! :)

    1. It was amazing!! Looks like you already came up with the perfect saying. haha ;-)


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