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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My weekly playlist {No. 1}

       Everyone knows there are songs out there that cause certain emotions to flow, whether it makes you want to jump up and down, cry, scream, bust out laughing, etc.

Here are a few of the songs getting me through the week - courtesy of YouTube - hope you enjoy!

Pistol Annies - Hell on Heels
Now I am no gold-digging man-eater - but I can not help bust out singing this song, swaying and dancing along the way every time I hear it. :-)

Zac Brown Band ft Jimmy Buffet - Knee Deep
If I am having a stressful day or drinking a margarita this song always puts a smile on my face. Plus I could desperately use a trip to a nice beach - so I close my eyes, listen to this song, and pretend lol

Jake Owen - Barefoot Blue Jean Night
This song makes me think of two things:
A: Growing up in the city - near Galveston - having late night outings on the beach, running through the sand, laying up looking at stars and listening to the ocean.
B: Being here in Cleburne - Our friend Casey has a ranch and it also makes me think of those late nights out on the ranch, trucks all backed up to each other, bonfires, music blaring - four-wheeling - playing in the lake - and so many other things. I am excited for cooler weather to arrive so we can have more bonfire parties out there :-) Right Casey Lou?!

Miranda Lambert - Only Prettier
Now we all have those girls we see and deep down can not stand. If you say "No I don't hate anyone" or "I am nice to everyone" - Well I call BS on you because I am nice to everyone I don't like - to a point - but when they walk away I will most likely inform my girlfriends "I can not stand that girl!" Now I will not talk excessive crap because I don't feel that is very nice, but I will state my dislike for the person. :-) If you still insist that isn't you, then fine, I am a bitch I guess. At least I am honest. So - this song makes me happy - makes me think of my girls - makes me think of all the girls I don't like - Only scratch the part of the other girls getting skinnier, because my girls are all pretty fabulously skinny :-)

Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline
Remember me saying songs that make you want to jump up and down? This is mine! If you are in my group of friends - or know my group of friends - you know when this song comes on we are all jumping up and down, singing up at the top of our lungs!! If I am in a bad mood or need a pick me up or getting pumped up - this is the song I blast! ;-) BUH-BUH-BUUUH!!! SO GOOD! SO GOOD!

Enjoy the videos!! Until next week loves! :-) XOXO

Wedding Inspired Wednesday - {No. 3}

         I have not done much browsing for wedding things this past week. I have instead been dealing with my "Will you be my cards...". I had one minor dilemma. I wanted my girls/guy to open their pocket invites to beautiful maroon glitter words that said, "Maid of Honor" "Bridesmaid" or "Bridesman". Unfortunately, there are no craft stores that carry maroon glitter. I ordered a Martha Stewart fine glitter 3-pack from online with a color that looked maroon. I was super excited - until it arrived. It was a magenta color. UGH!
The magenta glitter is in the 3-pack towards the bottom - You can see my glitter attempts
on the paper up on the top left - and the invites are sitting there at the top.
I am sure Henry is ready to have his dining room table back lol
         So, I go about looking for a new glitter that actually says burgundy or maroon - BINGO FOUND ONE! It looked burgundy in the photo and was called "Burgundy fine glitter". Sweet! Right? NO! NOT RIGHT! It came in a few days later and was just plum purple, Techie red, and black glitter mixed together and still looked PLUM PURPLE NOT BURGUNDY!! UGH! I could've punched that website owner in the face! I tried varying things. I tried putting black glitter first, then the "burgundy" glitter and it worked a bit, but still looked more purple than anything. It just looked like plain poop, not literally, but you know.

Burgundy?? I think not!
       My new idea I think is a bit better - and may actually end up working out better. I also had to special order their envelopes which was a bit of a hassle, but they should be in by the middle of next week. This means I can finally blog the invites themselves!! Despite the troublesome times of these cards, I am uber excited. One thing I did find and wanted to share was a chalkboard seating chart. I like the casual feel of it - plus my wedding is outside, it will be nice to not have to deal with a bunch of little name cards being blown all over the venue haha.
I liked this wedding blog - it was very casual - the top left chalkboard is what I
truly loved though - You can check out more at the 
Wedding Chicks Blog

My fiance has the tendencies to move & sit on my papers so I apologize for the slightly unclear paper lol
This blog is going to be cut short.  The last thing added was a Seasonal Wedding Flowers list. I have had such a hard time with this and was handed a list at the Dallas Bridal Show. Love it!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wedding Inspired Wednesdays - delayed {No 2} - FLOWERS

          I love fall! I love the colors, the leaves, the crisp cool air, and PUMPKINS! To me, it is the most romantic season of all! I would have fall all year round if I could. However, Texas fall kind of sucks - to be brutally honest. It is still rather warm, especially this dreadful year and everlasting summer! Our leaves aren't as bright and colorful as other places, like Michigan - and tend to turn colors late and fall quickly. Never-the-less, the wonderful feeling fall evokes in me is undeniable, no matter where I am. Can you tell I love fall? I mean I was born in October, my Daddy's nickname for me is Pumpkin, and we are getting married in October! Of course I love fall! :-)

Beautiful fall leaves in Michigan - Engagement shoot October 2010 - Lisa Kae Photography

        With our wedding being in October that means we need fall decor & of course, fall colors! :-) I have browsed photos, blogs, websites, florist shops, etc. searching for the perfect fall flower combination. I finally think I may have found it - however that photo will come later. And of course we all know that with the wedding being 14 months away, that could very much change! haha One obsession that has not changed is my favorite flower - calla lilies. I love the ones that blend colors, especially fall colors! To me you could have a handful of these and it would be the perfect arrangement by themselves.
Photo from The Knot - Absolutely LOVE these Calla Lilies

        My next flower obsession would be ranunculus. Yes they don't come into season until November, but I don't care. Even though it is in the buttercup family, to me they are a mix between a rose and peony, only cheaper! And I like cost efficiency! I also would like to NOT have any roses at my wedding. Crazy? Maybe. I am just not fond of roses - seeing how my fiance refuses to buy them for me (except this one time on Valentines Day and omg were they gorgeous!), and perhaps because every time I got them from past boyfriends I later learned it was ironically right after something was done behind my back. Bitter memories? Maybe. Back to a lighter reason - to me they look like fluffy, puffy clouds! I see a bouquet of them and want to nuzzle my face right into them - in other words, I want to motor-boat these flowers they look so soft and fluffy! :-P
Photo from The Knot - A simple, classic, all white bouquet of ranunculus - a fluffy cloud!
      Following ranunculus would be Dahlias - these make me think of a mix between a sunflower and ranunculus. The "texture" the petals visually provide is intriging and fun to me. Not to mention they are super cheap and come in plenty of colors. The mix of these 3 flowers can be quite beautiful.
Dahlias used in a centerpiece - love the design by the way with the photo-frame! I found this photo on the Bridal Bouquet Design Blog - check it out!

Bouquet of Dahlias - Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Anne Designs
      Now with it being fall I have decided to add in some earthy textures as well. We can't forget the ever popular branches going around right now! For awesome ideas for branches, and to buy them as well, I prefer using Nettleton Hollow. Their willow, manzanita and birch branches are beautiful - their blog is inspiring with great ideas and how-tos.
Table set-up at the Brazos County Bridal Show January 2011 - I love the branches with the deep maroon flowers around the base

     Lastly, the ultimate bouquet I found. I love this bouquet very much, the colors, the textures, everything! I look at it and smile every time.
Indeed my favorite bouquet! Minus the roses - to me it has the perfect rustic elegance I am looking for!
      Well, I think that is enough for now. If you have any suggestions or ideas - feel free to share!!! :-)

Saturday, August 20, 2011


          Boy am I behind on blogging! I have missed the last two Wedding Inspired Wednesday posts - plus numerous other things I have been anxious to share. Although, my reasons for delay are explainable. My oldest baby, Tux, a blue-merle "mini"-Australian Shepherd had a horrible tooth-ache. I quote mini due to the fact that he is actually on the small side of a full Aussie. The breeder informed us he would be on the big side of minis - not 15 lbs bigger lol It all worked out perfectly though, he is the perfect size for me and the best cuddle buddy ever!

Tux riding in his usual spot - prior to his growth spurt past big mini to small full - by my feet on the floor board (eventually ending up in my lap)

         Back to the tooth-ache - I had noticed Tux had been a little depressed lately. I know my baby like the back of my hand! It's like he talks to me - telepathically of course. Tux reminds me a lot of Scooby-doo. I typically know anytime he needs anything and what that thing is - he also knows my emotions very well. I assumed rather incorrectly this time. I assumed his depression was the heat, which meant play dates and walks around the neighborhood have been rare. Even when I did try to play fetch he would run to the toy, pick it up and immediately drop it - again I assumed the heat. I also noticed him yelping more - which he NEVER yelps. For example - the only time he has EVER cried would be when he had a gaping hole in his chest, and the few times Henry's big self steps on Tux's paws with his work boots. He didn't even cry the time at the ranch when he ran FULL SPEED -and Tux is a fast lil booger - into a trailer hitch while chasing another mini-Aussie. He just kept going like it was nothing! I of course assumed the excessive crying was because Dunk is kind of a cry baby and yelps for EVERYTHING - opposite of Tux - and Tux was picking up on it.
Tux with is favorite toy! With his tooth-ache he couldn't bear to pick it up and bring it to me.

Henry's parent's ranch in Hico, TX - playing fetch in the tank

Tux with his other fun squeaky toy - playing fetch prior to tooth-ache

         Finally, Wednesday evening after his yearly vet check-up I had noticed he had yelped about 6 times, that's getting a little excessive for Tux. So I tell him to sit, lay, roll over - Tux is also very good at being still. As a pup I continually played with his paws, checked his teeth, played with his ears, etc - so he doesn't squirm when I go to check his snout for the cause of crying. I lightly squeeze around, check his teeth, run my finger through his mouth and around his gums for a sore ,when YELP! BINGO! His front tooth! From the front it looks normal, perfectly fine, but on his side, head back you can see the back side is chipped and black! I immediately feel like an awful mom - how did this go unnoticed for soooo long!? Why hadn't I put the obvious clues- laying around, not picking up toys or catching them in the air, the excessive crying - all together!? Needless to say, he had a vet appointment that Friday - antibiotics were given to address the infection prior to the tooth extraction and a pain injection was given to relieve the pain until they could pull the tooth Monday morning.

Tux on the way to the vet - love Tux's split face! (Aussie split face is where half the face is tri colored, then a perfect split where the other half is merled - it can be split horizontally, vertically, or even where it is split 4 ways!)

         It was crazy, it was like Tux was a whole new dog when he went to the vet initially on Friday, like he knew we were there to solve his pain! As my fiance said, it was hard to explain to the vet how much it's bothered Tux and how depressed he's been when he is all smiles and kisses at the vet! haha Monday, tooth was extracted! My wonderful fiance dropped Tux off and picked him up - texting me to keep me posted. Henry knows me so well that he even got the tooth for me to keep! lol That would be the science-nerd in me. Tuesday morning it was like Tux was a puppy again, and unfortunately I woke up with strep throat, another reason for the lack of blogging. He has been running around, grabbing his toys, tackling Dunk, using his snout to knock my hand off what it's doing to give him attention instead, etc. He is all smiles! And yes, Tux smiles! My wonderful, playful, loving, happy kangaroo is back! :-)
Tux after playing fetch with Henry - full of smiles!

Tux playing fetch with Henry - my lil Kangaroo!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Pumpkin Mojito Recipe

           I love fall, mojitos, and pumpkins!!! So naturally when I saw a Pumpkin Mojito recipe my jaw immediately dropped and I fell in love. Straight from work I went to Two Bucks Liquor, taste tested about 5 different shots of alcohol, bought my rum and headed home to make my mojitos. They were - are - delicious, I am currently drinking it.

          For those of you who love all things pumpkin, here is the recipe!


  • 5 oz white rum - I chose Matusaiem Platino Rum - closest rum we could find that tastes like the rum Henry had in Cuba (yes Cuba, but that is for a later story)
  • 40 mint leaves
  • 4 Tbsp Pumpkin Butter - We could not find it in August so we used Pumpkin Pie Mix Spiced
  • Juice of 2 limes
  • 4 Tbsp Brown Sugar
  • 8 oz Club Soda
  • Muddler
  • Mojito glasses
Serving Size: 2 nice, strong glass fulls


Muddle mint leaves, sugar and lime juice. Add rum, pumpkin and club soda. Mix well, add ice, garnish with extra mint leaves and ENJOY!

The great thing about this is the perfect caramel like taste the brown sugar provides - the pumpkin appeals more to your sense of smell as you sip the drink, only lightly adding flavor without overpowering the original mojito flavor. And of course it gives it the fall orange color :-)

  • add 2 extra Tbsp of Pumpkin Pie Mix
  • Substitute Pumpkin Pie mix with Pumpkin pie liqueur (which usually isn't in season now during August, but can be specially ordered if you ask!) We will be trying this whenever it comes in. :-)
Have any fall cocktails you love? Feel free to share!! <3

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wedding Inspired Wednesdays {No 1}

       I figured the best way to organize my scattered wedding thoughts was to have a "wedding day". I am constantly browsing wedding magazines, websites, blogs, etc - so naturally I have a lot of photos saved. Every Wednesday, starting this one, I will blog about wedding inspirations. :-) Newest inspiration, AQUA BEADS! Henry and I attended the Dallas Bridal Show this past Sunday and it seemed that EVERYONE had aqua beads incorporated into their decorations one way or another. Unfortunately, I have no photos from the bridal show since I was greeted with, "Hello, may I check your purse?" - I gave the guy a rather confused look while saying, "Yeaaaaa" - He then says, "Do you have any guns, knives or cameras?" - "Um, I have a camera?" - rather odd to clump a camera in with guns and knives - "No cameras allowed." - So I had to check-in my camera and pick it up on the way out because the "designers" didn't want anyone "stealing" their ideas. REALLY!? I thought going to these was to give you ideas! If you don't want pictures, put a dang sign "No Pictures Please". Ugh. Anyway....

Clear aqua beads - By High Fire Designs

A close up of the clear aqua beads by High Fire Designs

A candle vase inside another vase - with aqua beads! :-) I also like the use of
the ribbon and beads to dress up the vase.
           The one that first caught my eye was a clear, tall vase - it had purple/white orchids that seemed to be floating in the vase, perfectly placed, undisturbed, and topped with a candle. It seemed so elegant and peaceful. The lady noticed my interest and said, "Grab one!" I looked at her rather confused as she dips her hand in the vase to pull out a handful of what look like clear marbles! I go to grab one and it slips out of my hand - AQUA BEADS - they look like marbles, yes, but are soft, and slimy like tapioca balls!! So cool! The guy had placed some beads in the vase, place a flower, more beads, another flower, so forth - then filled it with water! The clear beads blended in and looks invisible - hence the perfect floating flowers! A lot of vendors had them, including another designer called High Fire Designs. The lady who owns this business is super friendly, an environmentalist - she recycles and/or re-uses all her designs - and nicely priced!! She was even willing to work with us even though our venue is 2 hours away.

I love, love, LOVE the lace with the brooch

I love the brooch idea for the "something blue, something borrowed" - my great-grandma is allowing me to use her brooches for my wedding - some are over 50 years old!!

     Inspiration numero DOS - MyLivePhotos! We have all seen the typical photo-booths done time and time again. I must admit, I was 2 months away from booking my very own photo-booth - until I met these 3 guys! They have a giant backdrop, endless props, two 46" plasma TVs, a fancy camera, and a clicker! Here is how it works, they set up the back drop, props off to the side, one plasma faces you to where you can see yourself based on what the camera on top sees, and the 2nd plasma faces the "audience" or guests of your event. Either you, or one of the 3 guys, holds the clicker and BOOM instant interactive "photo-booth". I gave my bridesmaids the vote and MyLivePhotos won 3 to 1. Photos are posted online that night on their site, easy click, save and downloads for everyone, and we get a CD of the photos as well. The only drawback is no photo guest book - which I REALLY wanted. Which brings me to inspiration Drei (that is 3 in german =]).

No idea where Henry is looking, but we loved the photos!

I attempted to have a sneak attack with my carnation - but Henry was able to see me on the plasma
and stop me mid-attack
     Wishing Tree! I think this is a pretty sentimental way to have people sign in, as opposed to a traditional guest book. Also, knowing our friends, we will get some pretty interesting "wishes". haha The Wishing Tree also comes in a nice protective case, held together with a screw post - a coffee table piece. OR I could take those well wishes and make my own "scrapbook guestbook", and post the wish card next to one of their goofy photos from MyLivePhotos - yet another coffee table piece. haha

Wishing Tree image from

Another wishing tree image from :-)
These are my basic inspirations for the week. :-) Hope you enjoy them and possibly get some ideas for your future wedding or event. If you know of any other inspirations, feel free to share! I love new ideas. :-)