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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wedding Inspired Wednesdays - delayed {No 2} - FLOWERS

          I love fall! I love the colors, the leaves, the crisp cool air, and PUMPKINS! To me, it is the most romantic season of all! I would have fall all year round if I could. However, Texas fall kind of sucks - to be brutally honest. It is still rather warm, especially this dreadful year and everlasting summer! Our leaves aren't as bright and colorful as other places, like Michigan - and tend to turn colors late and fall quickly. Never-the-less, the wonderful feeling fall evokes in me is undeniable, no matter where I am. Can you tell I love fall? I mean I was born in October, my Daddy's nickname for me is Pumpkin, and we are getting married in October! Of course I love fall! :-)

Beautiful fall leaves in Michigan - Engagement shoot October 2010 - Lisa Kae Photography

        With our wedding being in October that means we need fall decor & of course, fall colors! :-) I have browsed photos, blogs, websites, florist shops, etc. searching for the perfect fall flower combination. I finally think I may have found it - however that photo will come later. And of course we all know that with the wedding being 14 months away, that could very much change! haha One obsession that has not changed is my favorite flower - calla lilies. I love the ones that blend colors, especially fall colors! To me you could have a handful of these and it would be the perfect arrangement by themselves.
Photo from The Knot - Absolutely LOVE these Calla Lilies

        My next flower obsession would be ranunculus. Yes they don't come into season until November, but I don't care. Even though it is in the buttercup family, to me they are a mix between a rose and peony, only cheaper! And I like cost efficiency! I also would like to NOT have any roses at my wedding. Crazy? Maybe. I am just not fond of roses - seeing how my fiance refuses to buy them for me (except this one time on Valentines Day and omg were they gorgeous!), and perhaps because every time I got them from past boyfriends I later learned it was ironically right after something was done behind my back. Bitter memories? Maybe. Back to a lighter reason - to me they look like fluffy, puffy clouds! I see a bouquet of them and want to nuzzle my face right into them - in other words, I want to motor-boat these flowers they look so soft and fluffy! :-P
Photo from The Knot - A simple, classic, all white bouquet of ranunculus - a fluffy cloud!
      Following ranunculus would be Dahlias - these make me think of a mix between a sunflower and ranunculus. The "texture" the petals visually provide is intriging and fun to me. Not to mention they are super cheap and come in plenty of colors. The mix of these 3 flowers can be quite beautiful.
Dahlias used in a centerpiece - love the design by the way with the photo-frame! I found this photo on the Bridal Bouquet Design Blog - check it out!

Bouquet of Dahlias - Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Anne Designs
      Now with it being fall I have decided to add in some earthy textures as well. We can't forget the ever popular branches going around right now! For awesome ideas for branches, and to buy them as well, I prefer using Nettleton Hollow. Their willow, manzanita and birch branches are beautiful - their blog is inspiring with great ideas and how-tos.
Table set-up at the Brazos County Bridal Show January 2011 - I love the branches with the deep maroon flowers around the base

     Lastly, the ultimate bouquet I found. I love this bouquet very much, the colors, the textures, everything! I look at it and smile every time.
Indeed my favorite bouquet! Minus the roses - to me it has the perfect rustic elegance I am looking for!
      Well, I think that is enough for now. If you have any suggestions or ideas - feel free to share!!! :-)

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  1. I also LOVE the calla lilies and will keep planting a ton of bulbs before your wedding so we can hopefully add home-grown flowers to your flower order. Have you looked at wedding bouquets from the past, past, past? I think that not having roses is great. Roses can be a flower of love, but it's often the flower of a guilty conscious or a symbol of a painful wrong doing. The rose association is not such fun.

    The flowers I love best are the gardenias and roses, etc. grown in my garden. For years, your dad would always bring in the first bloom and hand it to me. That was LONG AGO! These past few years, I cut myself a few blooming flowers to enjoy in the house and there's no flower I like more than the ones from our garden. The twigs in the large vases is so interesting and works with your theme.


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