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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wedding Inspired Wednesday - {No. 3}

         I have not done much browsing for wedding things this past week. I have instead been dealing with my "Will you be my cards...". I had one minor dilemma. I wanted my girls/guy to open their pocket invites to beautiful maroon glitter words that said, "Maid of Honor" "Bridesmaid" or "Bridesman". Unfortunately, there are no craft stores that carry maroon glitter. I ordered a Martha Stewart fine glitter 3-pack from online with a color that looked maroon. I was super excited - until it arrived. It was a magenta color. UGH!
The magenta glitter is in the 3-pack towards the bottom - You can see my glitter attempts
on the paper up on the top left - and the invites are sitting there at the top.
I am sure Henry is ready to have his dining room table back lol
         So, I go about looking for a new glitter that actually says burgundy or maroon - BINGO FOUND ONE! It looked burgundy in the photo and was called "Burgundy fine glitter". Sweet! Right? NO! NOT RIGHT! It came in a few days later and was just plum purple, Techie red, and black glitter mixed together and still looked PLUM PURPLE NOT BURGUNDY!! UGH! I could've punched that website owner in the face! I tried varying things. I tried putting black glitter first, then the "burgundy" glitter and it worked a bit, but still looked more purple than anything. It just looked like plain poop, not literally, but you know.

Burgundy?? I think not!
       My new idea I think is a bit better - and may actually end up working out better. I also had to special order their envelopes which was a bit of a hassle, but they should be in by the middle of next week. This means I can finally blog the invites themselves!! Despite the troublesome times of these cards, I am uber excited. One thing I did find and wanted to share was a chalkboard seating chart. I like the casual feel of it - plus my wedding is outside, it will be nice to not have to deal with a bunch of little name cards being blown all over the venue haha.
I liked this wedding blog - it was very casual - the top left chalkboard is what I
truly loved though - You can check out more at the 
Wedding Chicks Blog

My fiance has the tendencies to move & sit on my papers so I apologize for the slightly unclear paper lol
This blog is going to be cut short.  The last thing added was a Seasonal Wedding Flowers list. I have had such a hard time with this and was handed a list at the Dallas Bridal Show. Love it!

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