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Saturday, August 20, 2011


          Boy am I behind on blogging! I have missed the last two Wedding Inspired Wednesday posts - plus numerous other things I have been anxious to share. Although, my reasons for delay are explainable. My oldest baby, Tux, a blue-merle "mini"-Australian Shepherd had a horrible tooth-ache. I quote mini due to the fact that he is actually on the small side of a full Aussie. The breeder informed us he would be on the big side of minis - not 15 lbs bigger lol It all worked out perfectly though, he is the perfect size for me and the best cuddle buddy ever!

Tux riding in his usual spot - prior to his growth spurt past big mini to small full - by my feet on the floor board (eventually ending up in my lap)

         Back to the tooth-ache - I had noticed Tux had been a little depressed lately. I know my baby like the back of my hand! It's like he talks to me - telepathically of course. Tux reminds me a lot of Scooby-doo. I typically know anytime he needs anything and what that thing is - he also knows my emotions very well. I assumed rather incorrectly this time. I assumed his depression was the heat, which meant play dates and walks around the neighborhood have been rare. Even when I did try to play fetch he would run to the toy, pick it up and immediately drop it - again I assumed the heat. I also noticed him yelping more - which he NEVER yelps. For example - the only time he has EVER cried would be when he had a gaping hole in his chest, and the few times Henry's big self steps on Tux's paws with his work boots. He didn't even cry the time at the ranch when he ran FULL SPEED -and Tux is a fast lil booger - into a trailer hitch while chasing another mini-Aussie. He just kept going like it was nothing! I of course assumed the excessive crying was because Dunk is kind of a cry baby and yelps for EVERYTHING - opposite of Tux - and Tux was picking up on it.
Tux with is favorite toy! With his tooth-ache he couldn't bear to pick it up and bring it to me.

Henry's parent's ranch in Hico, TX - playing fetch in the tank

Tux with his other fun squeaky toy - playing fetch prior to tooth-ache

         Finally, Wednesday evening after his yearly vet check-up I had noticed he had yelped about 6 times, that's getting a little excessive for Tux. So I tell him to sit, lay, roll over - Tux is also very good at being still. As a pup I continually played with his paws, checked his teeth, played with his ears, etc - so he doesn't squirm when I go to check his snout for the cause of crying. I lightly squeeze around, check his teeth, run my finger through his mouth and around his gums for a sore ,when YELP! BINGO! His front tooth! From the front it looks normal, perfectly fine, but on his side, head back you can see the back side is chipped and black! I immediately feel like an awful mom - how did this go unnoticed for soooo long!? Why hadn't I put the obvious clues- laying around, not picking up toys or catching them in the air, the excessive crying - all together!? Needless to say, he had a vet appointment that Friday - antibiotics were given to address the infection prior to the tooth extraction and a pain injection was given to relieve the pain until they could pull the tooth Monday morning.

Tux on the way to the vet - love Tux's split face! (Aussie split face is where half the face is tri colored, then a perfect split where the other half is merled - it can be split horizontally, vertically, or even where it is split 4 ways!)

         It was crazy, it was like Tux was a whole new dog when he went to the vet initially on Friday, like he knew we were there to solve his pain! As my fiance said, it was hard to explain to the vet how much it's bothered Tux and how depressed he's been when he is all smiles and kisses at the vet! haha Monday, tooth was extracted! My wonderful fiance dropped Tux off and picked him up - texting me to keep me posted. Henry knows me so well that he even got the tooth for me to keep! lol That would be the science-nerd in me. Tuesday morning it was like Tux was a puppy again, and unfortunately I woke up with strep throat, another reason for the lack of blogging. He has been running around, grabbing his toys, tackling Dunk, using his snout to knock my hand off what it's doing to give him attention instead, etc. He is all smiles! And yes, Tux smiles! My wonderful, playful, loving, happy kangaroo is back! :-)
Tux after playing fetch with Henry - full of smiles!

Tux playing fetch with Henry - my lil Kangaroo!


  1. You crack me up --- yes you have a science-nerd side to you...a BIG side of you. I guess I had it too, I remember asking if I could have the jar with your tonsil and adnoids in them to show to you. I think they all stood there in silence before saying, "It goes into the hazardous waste." I stood there looking at them, "Well, that's a good anatomy lesson going into the trash!"

    Are we weird? Maybe.

    I am so glad you found what was wrong with Tux. Dr. Heather solved the problem.

  2. So cute dog!! I've been wanting a dog since forever and a year ago i started to save many for a dog! :)

    P.s. U are welcome to check out my fashion blog!


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