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Thursday, December 20, 2012

You're Never Too Old

My hubby and I have been Christmas shopping like crazy!!! Before Henry, I probably had ~8 people to shop for. Now that Henry's GINORMOUS family enters the equation we have about 30 people to shop for.

I feel like I am pretty good at "tricking" people who are normally difficult to shop for into telling me without realizing all they want too. Then I secretly take notes, snap a photo here or there and voila my Christmas shopping is miraculously made simple. I always have people asking me what so-and-so wants for Christmas because I typically know what everyone wants.

Case and point: Henry's wonderful mother.

I am truly blessed with a self-less mother-in-law who goes above and beyond for anyone who enters her life, even if only for a day, or a lifetime.

I took her to Apple to fix her laptop, not knowing you needed an appointment. Luckily for me, our appointment was scheduled an hour after we arrived. My MIL loves to cook and is always cooking for the lovely people that stop by their farm last minute, or her husband invites without warning, with a smile on her face.

As we peruse the endless cooking supplies at William-Sonoma I closely listened as she Ooooed and Awwwed at the various items.

Tuesday around noon, Henry's dad starts calling me back to back. Which is unusual, since he typically texts me if he needs something. Once I answer Herman asks, "Do you know what my wife wants for Christmas? I always get her a necklace and she never wears them. I want to get her something nice." I start grinning ear to ear hearing such sincerity and love for my mother-in-law.

I quickly ramble off a list of things I know she wants. He asks if I am willing to go pick the items out because he has no idea what Williams-Sonoma is - GASP! I know! But remember, this is my Country Boys family.

I ask how much I am willing to spend and love his response even more, "No limit, get everything she wanted."

Henry and I head off to get her gifts. As we enter Henry asks me what I intend to get. I list the items and he asks my same question, "How much are you planning to spend?" I respond with a giddy tone, "I don't know, your dad didn't give me a budget." I turn around and give him the biggest smile.

Henry says, "My mom doesn't need a lot of presents. She buys gifts for others now." I turn around shocked by his insensitive statement. "HENRY! Your mom does so much for others! She deserves a great Christmas too! You're never too old for presents! Trust me, she'll be very happy."

Wednesday Herman calls and asks if I am home. He heard Blondie was making Christmas Candy tonight and wants to give her one of the gifts we have been safely been keeping at our house. I rush home and make sure it's ready.

Once they arrive we hand her the ginormous box. Henry, Herman and I wait anxiously for her to tear open the paper to reveal her gift. When she does her face is PRICELESS! She was like a kid in a candy store! It made my heart flutter to see her with so much joy.

Henry proceeds to point out her numerous other gifts being kept safely under our tree. She clasped her hands together, grinning ear to ear says, "All those are for ME!?"
Henry tells her yes and she expresses how she can't wait to see what they are.
After they leave I turn to Henry, "See! I told you your mom loves presents!" Henry smiles, hugs me and tells me he loves me.

I can't wait for Christmas Day!

My Mother-in-law, Blondie, with her brand new KitchenAid Mixer :-)

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  1. Oh I love you and I love what you have brought to this family :) I love seeing Blondie smile like that and she SSSOOOO deserves it!


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