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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wedding Inspired Wednesday {No. 17}: Country First Dance Songs

         I made a previous post listing mostly Texas Country First Dance Songs, but since then, I have listened to a lot of country songs and utilized my trusty iPhone Notes to keep track of them as I hear them. Below are ones I have fallen in love with:

        The most recent song release that I absolutely adore is by Easton Corbin - Loving You is Fun

The first time this song played with Henry and I in the car I was kind of in a daze, just thinking - I think A LOT - Next thing I knew, Henry was squeezing my hand saying, "Loving you IS fun." I looked over at him shooting me a quick smile before directing his eyes back on the road. The first thing I said was, "Huh?" - Then the chorus came back on "Ohhhhh! Awe!! Loving you is fun too! I love you!" Now every time this song comes on we think of each other. It is like our personal theme song. :-) This is actually one of the only songs that has made Henry reconsider his traditional George Strait option for our first dance.

A Texas Country First Dance option: 

Stoney Larue - Feet Don't Touch the Ground

Miranda Lambert's song "Making Plans" - this song is by far a new favorite. Her words are perfect - short, sweet and simple. She is so talented. "'Cause I'm not easy to understand, but you know me like the back of your hand, I'm your girl and you're my man, And we're makin' plans"

What every girl wants to hear: Keith Urban - Your Everything

I would've probably never thought twice about this song, until my sister texted me while Henry and I were at a country dancing bar saying, "Brice and I agree that 'Cowboys and Angels' should be yalls first dance!" I fall more and more in love with this song as I listen to it.
Dustin Lynch - Cowboys and Angels

You of course can't forget one of the classics. This is Henrys final choice. George Strait is definitely one of the most famous Country Singing Icons and this song is from one of Henry's favorite movies "Pure Country" - Which he made me watch and I rather enjoyed.
I remember growing up, like 3rd/4th/5th grade and listening to this song and thinking, "One day I want this to be my first dance". I just may get that wish. <3
George Strait - I Cross My Heart

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  1. I'm listening to them all right now. :-)


    1. You have to let me know which one you like! I am about to add one more by George Straight, <3

  2. Keith Urban doesn't look like himself in that video...something is very different. What is it?? I know his hair is different, but he looks SO different!


  3. George Strait is awesome but I have seen so many couples use that as their first dance. I vote one of the non-nashville songs. :)


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