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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wedding Inspired Wednesday - {No. 7}: Texas Country/Country 1st Dance Song Suggestions

        Henry and I have been browsing tons of wedding song potentials for our 1st dance. Well, we can't seem to agree despite the fact we have found TONS of great ones. haha SO, for those looking for Country or Texas Country first dance songs, here are some we have found:

Wade Bowen - Who I am
This is a great song to dance to. I love the words, his voice - everything. This would be my  number one pick - but Henry for some reason said no Wade Bowen. Boo.

Josh Abbott Band - She's Like Texas
Henry is such a sweetheeart. He consistently picks out songs that are pretty much the guy singing about his love to the girl. Well I want one that is one we could dedicate to each other. This song is amazing, but yet another one we don't agree on. ha!

Josh Turner - Soulmate
Now this song is not "Texas" country - but Henry and I love Josh Turner. This song would be perfect, but we are looking for an up-beat song we can two-step to or double 2 step to. Beautiful song!

Josh Turner - Would You Go With Me
This is one of Henry's top 3 songs for our first dance. We love the pace, his voice, the words - besides, your wedding is the first step in a new journey, so "Would you go with me?"

Midnight River Choir - Soul Food
I LOVE THIS BAND! I love his voice, their style of music, everything. Every time I hear this song I think of Henry and can't help dancing or at least bobbing my head - whether I am sitting in my car or walking around listening to my iTunes - this song makes me move :-) Unfortunately, it is so new I can't find full clips of the video - here is a good clip though to give you an idea.

Blake Shelton - HoneyBee
This is another one of our top 3 picks. It's cheesy, country, lovey-dovey, fast, & pretty much perfect! Yes he isn't Texas Country, but boy can he sing! :-)

Blake Shelton - God Gave Me You
Now this has to be one of the sweetest songs ever. This is one of MY top 3.

Josh Grider Band - Crazy Like You
Another band & song I love. The lyrics are so true about love! Sorry I couldn't find a better video.

Easton Corbin - Roll With It
I know this song doesn't talk about endless devotion and all the mushy-gushy stuff people think of when they think first dance - to me this song is taking life as it comes - good or bad - you just go with it, side by side. It's simple & sweet - not to mention a good song to country dance to!


  1. My fiancé and I are in the same boat!! We have had some of the same reasonings for elemenating some of the songs you listed from our list also.. If you don't mind me asking, what did y'all choose?

  2. We honestly haven't settled on yet. EEEK! We are up in the air between Easton Corbin - Loving You Is Fun or good 'ole George Strait - I Cross My Heart.
    I just made a new post with more songs, if you have't picked one yet. :-)
    If you have any others you can think of but I haven't listed, please feel free to share!


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