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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wedding Fitness!

       I have always been in pretty decent shape. However, lately I have been skinny, but fat skinny. There is such a thing! I mean, just because I am "skinny" does not mean in any way that I am healthy. This has caused me to have major self-image issues. I see pictures from a year ago, two years ago and then I see myself now and sigh. lol SO, instead of moping around & complaining about it, I am being pro-active!
       My fiance and I bought fitness books last year - Men's Health Big Book of Workouts & Women's Health Big Book of Workouts - and this was the best thing ever! It gives a little intro about eating, then it breaks down each muscle group into a section with corresponding work-outs. Towards the back it has various work-outs already made for you - "Pre-natal workout" "Wedding Workout" "Crowded Gym Workout", etc. Each one has colored photos with numerous tips to ensure they are done correctly along with variations of each workout to either make it easier or harder. FABULOUS!

Cover of the book
        Best work-out so far - "Beach Body Workout". I mean this one slightly kicked my butt, but pushing myself through these workouts gave me amazing results! I was ready to flaunt it in a bikini 24/7. Within 2 weeks I saw major definition changes.

Spring Break Post Beach Body Workout
        With the wedding right around the corner now, I am needing that work-out again. However, I am lacking MAJOR motivation lately. Henry's cousin, Tacey, is a personal trainer at the local gym where we work out. So one fabulous day, Henry informs Tacey I need a personal trainer. Yesterday was day 1 - Oh my lord did she kick my butt! She isolated each muscle group and did a full body work out. Instead of my typical low weight, 12 reps, 3 set workouts I do, she did HEAVY weights, higher reps, 1 set for EACH muscle group - such as inner thigh, outer thigh, hamstrings, quad & calves, then lower back, upper back, abdominals & obliques, etc.

Local Gym where we work out! Dang refers to Dr. Dang - an Aggie Doctor who also just happens to be from my high-school as well. Crazy - same high-school, same college, same new small home-town.
         I was doing typical sit-ups the way I always have & she informs me I am going down too far. She sticks her hand under my back about half-way and said, "When you feel my hand on your way down, that's as far down as you should go" - HOLY MOLY! My stomach burned like it never burned before! I had to grab onto something to pull myself back up at the end, I literally felt my stomach muscles quivering. After it was all said and done, I could barely turn my steering wheel to back out of my parking spot. It was a GREAT workout. haha Wednesday is day 2 after my hour long Zumba class. Let's see how that goes.

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