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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wedding Inspired Wednesday {No. 6} - Stationary

         It has come to the point in our wedding planning process where stationary has become my main focus. I am looking for ways to display the seating chart, assign tables, invitations, response cards, maps, etc. There are so many aspects of a wedding that involve stationary!

{1} Here is a cute DIY embossing idea from Lovely Little Details:
The photo is from the blog, which comes with a DIY video tutorial for a menu - but you could add this little twist onto just about any of your wedding stationary!
{2} Another DIY trick from Lovely Little Details: DIY Calligraphy!
Such a simple idea! She gives plenty of ideas on other places to use it as well! Example: black paper with a white pen to get that chalkboard look that is so popular right now! :-) Can't wait to give this one a try myself - I will let you know how it turns out hehe
{3} Bachelorette Party Fun! Here is a fun game for the bachelorette party:
The photo above is an example from the game - from the authors blog page of course - it's basically a cute quiz regarding the Brides relationship to the Groom - The groom was asked a series of questions and the bridesmaids made these cute cards that were then used to Quiz the Bride - Every wrong answer = alcoholic beverage
{4} Name cards for seating:
Courtesy of The Knot - I love this idea for a twist on traditional, plain jane name cards - especially since our wedding is rustic! You could easily combine this idea with the DIY calligraphy video posted above as well. :-)
{5} Speaking of seating - how about arranging the seating chart? All that re-arranging, last minute cancellations, last minute add ons, new found "enemies" or family feuds? Well fear not! Here is a wonderful, FLEXIBLE seating chart arrangement idea for all those last minute changes!
Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings - here is a fun flexible idea! Adhesive strips with the names on them - as suggested on the site, you could even create color-coded groups: bride's family, groom's family, friends, kids, etc.  
{6} Last, but not least: Thank you cards - now by no means do I think these should substitute a good old fashion "thank you card" personalized in the mail, but if you opt to not do a menu, or just want each guest to have a sweet sentiment to read, these two are good starters!
Both Photos are courtesy of Style Me Pretty

Hope you have found some inspiring ideas for your wedding stationary! Be sure to check back in a couple of weeks - March 17th I am taking a fabulous "Blueprint of a Wedding Invitation" class with bridesmaids, Audrey & Megan, Mother-in-law, Blondie, & "Aunt", Terri! Hopefully, I can post as many tips regarding DIY wedding invites as possible, not to mention helpful tips for any sort of wedding/event stationary!
Hope you have a fabulous Wedding Inspired Hump Day! XoXo 

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