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Friday, February 24, 2012

Randy to the Rescue

       In case you didn't know - I had the wonderful oppurtunity to buy my dress with the professional guidance of Randy Fenoli on his new TLC show "Randy to the Rescue" - to premiere this summer. Yes this summer, that means BEFORE my wedding. EEEK!

Myself, Randy Fenoli, Sister & Mom Post filming for "Randy to the Rescue"
       Michelle, my fabulous consultant e-mailed me the link to a promo of the video with us in it! YAY! Now the clip is rather long for an average clip, but if you fast forward to about 2:08 you will see blonde haired little me, and my dad "Turtleneck"! Unfortunately, I can't embed the video, but here is the link: -

My fabulous fiance there in the background for the filming! {No he did not see the dress :-P}
I have a few blog posts in the making, but if you are interested in more photos and details check out my Moms Blog: Farm Life Lessons
She has 4 Posts with details from her perspective {And she is a wonderful writer!}
  1. Day 1 of "Randy to the Rescue"

Browsing dresses they had on display - each rack was a different designer

     2.   Day 2 of "Randy to the Rescue" - Wrapping up filming- or so we thought

Getting their "Before" shot of me prior to purchasing my dream dress! No pressure with everyone huddled around the camera staring lol
      3.   2nd round of filming "Randy to the Rescue" -the "booster package"
      4.   Part 2 of round 2 for filming "Randy to the Rescue" - note my mom had major dental work prior to this booster package so sadly she was not able to fully partake in the filming, but enjoy the photos!

Where the booster package filming took place -Henry's parent's new farm! {Henry keeps correcting me since I keep mistakenly calling it a "ranch" like their place in Hico was - apparently there is a difference - this is a "farm", not a "ranch" - well Paaaaardon me! hmph! lol}

 More details regarding our experience from my point of view to follow! :-)

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  1. You two are so adorable!!!! It's awesome that the show even followed up with you guys at the ranch. But, you are charasmatic, sweet, you make a good-looking couple! But, with Henry's height, I think my grandkids might be 7' tall!

    As for the blur clip of us, I think your dad and I are pretty darn cute too. Of course, I think your dad is the most handsome man on the planet.

    I'm so happy you've taken your time with the wedding, it sure has been the most interesting time for all of us! With your level of creativity, the time-frame allows you to have a great time with all of your ideas. Thank God also for website that you girls and my best-friend love, love, love.

    And yes, I have that closet full of paint ready to go to YOUR house...ha ha.

    Love you.


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