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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Brazos Valley Bridal Show Spring 2012

         Our final two vendors are paid for!! YAY! Below is our FINAL vendors list:

Location {Ceremony & Reception}:
Double Creek Crossing - the fabulous owner: Leah

Entrance to Double Creek Crossing

Looking over to the reception area from the ceremony area

Looking out over the reception area and surrounding land from the entrance of the reception area
Michelle Peyronet with Peyronet Photography

Cinema Candy

Rachel & Ryan from Cinema Candy on Vimeo.
A video clip from a wedding at Double Creek Crossing by Cinema Candy
        We were so excited to book Cinema Candy! Our alcohol bill came back $1,000 cheaper (Yea if you know us, it is probably hard to believe it came back $1,000 cheaper and not $1,000 over lol) We hadn't budgeted for a videographer and were having major regrets from what we heard from others - so when we stumbled upon Cinema Candy at the Bridal Show we handed over our credit card without hesitation and booked them! So excited!!! :-)

Rentals/Wedding Planner/Wedding Coordinator:
Lacey Baze with Details

Wedding assisted by Details at Double Creek Crossing

Finally booked the caterer at the show too! We are excited to have Buppys cater our rehearsal dinner and reception dinner - they are phenomenol with fabulous food choices. We will have a split menu to cater to our theme of "City Girl Meets Country Boy" - Pecan Crusted Fried Chicken vs. Grilled Salmon with sides to match! Can't wait!

Luke with JJ's will be helping us provide our specialty cocktail served in Mason Jars - Pumpkin Mojito

Cinderella Stories

Photo "booth":
We loved this concept because you can fit more people into the shot! Its a backdrop with a flat screen TV facing you to see, either you can click the hand held clicker to snap photos or the attendant can, then there is also a flat screen facing the party so they can see what you are doing - while photos aren't being taken, the ones already taken are on a slide-show mode. Photos are then made available immediately online that night for direct downloading. Props and different color backdrops available :-)

So there you go! Of course floral and stationary will be done by myself and fabulous family/friends - so stay tuned for those as they begin falling into place. <3


  1. I absolutely love that Tux and Dunk are in your save the dates. SO CUTE!!

    1. I am so glad they turned out - they were little Turkey-butts. Unfortunately, we trained them to "sit" and face us - it was hilarious trying to get them to "sit" with their back to us. haha

  2. Dad and I will be watching the video tonight, together. We are getting so excited! Everything is coming together. I'm proud of you two kiddos, you didn't rush into marriage, but took the time to get to know each other and gave your families time to get to know one another. Thank you for being loving to all of us. Henry is an exceptional young man. Tall and exceptional.

    Love you!


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