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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wedding Inspired Wednesday {No. 5} DIY Wedding Projects

          I love DIY Projects! I like being able to look at a piece of art, decoration, furniture & know my hard work, my own two hands, made that. I want my wedding to be the same way. I want to walk into that venue & see my hard work put together - I want people to know that this wedding was truly about Henry & myself, not what a florist or wedding designer came up with & put together for us. SO - here are some DIY wedding projects I have found browsing various blogs & of course, Follow Me on Pinterest.

        One blog I have recently become a huge fan of is The Bride's Cafe - The author of the blog, Janie, is one talented lady & I never cease to find something inspiring! She has a wonderful page for DIY Projects & her DIY - Escort Card Box is one of those projects I can't wait to put my own spin on!
DIY - Escort Card Box - this set up is perfect for our wedding theme! Anyone could put a spin on it though - replace the moss with a simple bed of flowers for a spring wedding, sand and seashells for a beach wedding, fake snow or a bed of white glitter for a winter wedding - the options are endless with just a little imagination!
         Another wonderful DIY project idea from her blog - DIY - Mossy Monogram.

Now this isn't the quickest DIY - it will take a bit of effort & patience, but I think will be well worth it in the long run for the craft-loving Brides who want their own special touches added to their wedding day.
        Another wonderful wedding blog is Project Wedding - this blog has a TON of DIY ideas to be inspired by. The one I chose to re-post is the Semi-DIY Pocket Fold Wedding Invitation I found via Pinterest!
I  plan on doing my own invites for the wedding, so tutorials like this are helpful. She even provides a helpful website to buy well priced pre-made pocket envelopes
If you are a local DIY Bride looking to make your own invites -or any part of your event stationary - another helpful place to go to is Paper Planet! What is Paper Planet? A crafty girls mini-heaven! You can buy hand-crafted rolls of paper - way cheaper than Hobby Lobby or Michaels with BEAUTIFUL original options! - You can even put in orders for more of your favorites if they don't have the full amount you need. They have envelopes of all sizes & colors, 8 x 11 pages of all colors & textures, weekend How-To classes - including a wedding invitation how-to class! - & one of the best things of all....they have a large work table & a wonderfully large paper-cutter for cutting those large sheets of paper you may have just bought that you can rent out for $25/4 hrs!!! That's a pretty sweet deal to me! Even if you aren't the crafty bride or person, well they have pretty crafty employees that can design any part of your stationary for any event from the simplest pieces to doing everything! It's worth it just to go look even if you don't intend to buy. Their website is currently being revamped, but you can also check out their Facebook page: Paper Planet Facebook
A photo of a wall in Paper Planet's store with large sheets of the custom hand-crafted paper! Photo courtesy of the Paper Planet website! :-)
          I hope these few DIY projects are enough to get your crafty-engines going! Be sure to check out those blogs for even MORE ideas. They are truly amazing - and well written! :-) Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

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