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Monday, February 20, 2012

Oh the Joys of Life!

        Boy was this a fun filled weekend! My lovely Fiance and I had the pleasure of seeing, "The Vow" --> LOVED! However, while trying to enjoy our wonderful Friday night movie date a blocked number was calling & I received a few texts from a website that allows you to text semi-anonymously. How rude! What was even more rude were what the texts said - Please read below:

Well old friend - if youve never been to my "retarded" blog - how do you indeed know it is retarded? And how do you know it is so much like hers?

Oh I also brush my teeth, get myself dressed, and carry a purse - does that mean I copy her on that too? Really? I am sorry but there are A LOT of people who craft and blog - HELLO HAVE YOU NOT SEEN PINTEREST? LOL Good lord. I guess Audra has just invented everything - all on her own! You go girl!

I think you old friend are the one who needs to do the moving on - its been over 3 YEARS - come on now.

For being my old friend - you sure don't know me very well - for not meeting Audra - you know her TOO WELL....CREEPY!

It is obviously killing you to know that not only are WE happy, but they possibly are too. You must be very alone old friend.

The continuation of my text response, "...her' and bc you got my number."

" are?"
         Some people just can't move on. Unfortunately, the IP address in all the messages is the actual senders IP address - if the old friend could read - so after basic tracking, we have narrowed down the person.

         Henry and I have been having discussions regarding babies a lot recently {more like the past year} - seeing as how we will be married in October and want a fall baby, we will begin trying for our first little gremlin late December - early Janurary :-) Can't wait! - I truly hope that we raise our kids to know better than to pull stunts like this. I mean if I knew my daughter was reflecting the way I raised her by sending bullying text messages like this to someone I would have a heart-attack! This shows this {girl} has absolutely no class, no manners, and is purely bored with her own life, so she must fill it with the joys of others - but instead of being happy for others, she must fill her void by trying to bring them down. Pity. 
         Luckily, my fabulous mom raised me better than this. I feel sorry for the {girl} who feels she must treat others this way. I hope your void is filled soon so you, yourself can live a happy life - rather than try to tear others down.
         Another great thing - this has caused Henry and I to reminisce on some of the most fabulous parts of our relationship + more to come - like our BAD-A HONEYMOON. We have spent countless hours laughing and joking {if you have seen SNL you will get this - said in dramatic voice} "Don't make me love you! - You're making me love you!" - It was also rather comforting at our Bridal Show to have numerous vendors tell us how cute we were, how sweet he was to me, how in love we are- At dinner we had someone ask us how we seemed to be so in love, what did we do? Every time he walked by we were smiling ear to ear, etc. I don't need some {girl} telling ME how I feel about MY FIANCE. I know. I didn't settle. I moved on and found something better. Much better. I found a MAN - my Texas man: the hunting, fishing, cooking, non-cheating, non-abusive, sweet, goofy, intelligent, FAMILY loving MAN. Not only did I find a great man, I found a wonderful man with a "sane" family that is composed of some of the most goofy, generous, selfless people God has put on this earth. I am blessed - I don't need anyone telling me "who I am" - I know, my friends know, my family knows. That is all that matters.


  1. Heather, you are better than these girls plain and simple. You have always been creative and caring, just ignore them. They did not create the art of crafts nor blogs. These were all invented with the idea of "sharing." Which speaking of sharing, you are very good at. Mom always taught us to donate our old things to the less fortunate, which in the case of your ex boyfriend is exactly what you did. Love you! =]

    1. Henry laughed at this one and said, "Is your sister in a creative writing class or something? That was really clever." LOL I had to inform him that you have ALWAYS been clever with your remarks. haha
      Love you!

  2. Heather, I did not know you were receiving so many messages. You are a victim...under the stalking laws of Texas. You need to contact the District Attorney Office in your county and file a complaint. The D.A.'s office will track the IP address and will arrest the stalker. You need to do it asap. This person is sick. They are too much into your life. Just because you have a public life does not give someone the right to be part of your private life. Again, this person is sick. I am going to have Jim (my ex partner) check out all of your old roommates and that IP address to a point further than we ALREADY know. Please send me the names of all involved. The circle of the people who could even be slightly interested is rather narrow. We are going to legally confirm who this sick person is so we can pursue the matter. I will follow through with this. If they send you anymore text messages or any other communications, please make me aware of it and send me a copy. I AM going to make sure this person spends a little time in prison. Love you!

  3. Wow. Some people are just too creepy. Sounds like a jealous, creepy stalker. Good luck getting that problem taken care of!


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