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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wedding Inspired Wednesday {No. 4} Our Wedding Inventory

          Our wedding inventory is slowly growing & boy is it exciting! Here is the list of items we have recently purchased from Save-On-Crafts. This is one of the best sites ever for a crafty bride trying to save money! 

Natural Jute Fiber Ribbon 1.5" width 25 yds $9 - We will be using this to wrap around mason jars filled with candles.

14.5" Basswood Tree slices, ~1" thick. These will be used in centerpieces & as a cake stand. I bought a few to play around with, but the majority will be coming from an actual white oak trees from my parents acreage in Livingston, TX. It'll be nice to have a home-made natural touch at our wedding, courtesy of my parents.

Cedar Wood Roses - I mentioned in a previous blog that I do not want a lot of real flowers, so I thought these 2" wide wood roses would be a nice touch. 

This is an example of how the Cedar Wood Roses, tree slabs & Jute Ribbon will be used.

Cotton Stalks - Now I know we have plenty of cotton farmers around us that we could get free cotton from, but that is a ways away. I wanted to get some on hand to play around with ahead of time, so I went ahead and bought some. These will be used in centerpieces, bouquets & boutonnieres.

Natural Touch Hen & Chicks - the deep burgundy color of these will be perfect to add to centerpieces & bouquets! I have also seen centerpieces where these were just set on the table directly amongst burlap & mason jars filled with candles.

Last on our list for this order is the 20" tall, 7" wide Aspen yellow golden queen flower - This beautiful golden fall flower will give a wonderful pop of color amongst all the tan, brown, & white colors we will currently be using.

         I can not wait until it all arrives so I can begin to put things together and get a real idea how it will look at the wedding! Yippee! Photos will definitely be added as I experiment with arrangements. Stay tuned! <3

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