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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Halloween? Venice?

Halloween? Venice?

Do Halloween and Venice belong in the same sentence? As an october born, mid-20 year old, college-graduate and an American, Halloween is a very important holiday. It just hit me when booking our hotel today that we will be spending our first holiday abroad together, and that holiday is Halloween.

Growing up Halloween meant my upcoming costume birthday party and trick or treating.

In college it meant skimpy Halloween costumes with a weeks worth of awesome house costume parties, bar costume contests and pretty much wearing your costume any chance you got.

On our I include a costume in my packing list?
Do they celebrate Halloween like us? Is it more tame? Is it crazier? Does it involve costumes at all?? Or should we plan a day trip to another town to experience the halloween celebrations? I'm baffled.

Guess I better get to researching this intriguing topic!

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  1. First photo - those poor cheeks are mighty red! As for Europe and one celebrated it when we did in America, but they have other holidays for dressing up that is CRAZY fun.

    Check out the holiday schedule, they do have fun holidays in October. More of the true old-fashioned Pegan's day type of costume situation.

    Regardless, it will be a blast.

    Last photo --- I remember planning many, many of these parties. Sometimes we'd have a birthday party and ANOTHER Halloween party, separate! We always had so so so much fun! You girls always had the best costumes as well. So cute!

    Something fun to think about during your Honeymoon!

    Love Momma


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