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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Henry and A Wedding Registry Scanner - Oh My!

Henry and I had a lovely wedding shower hosted by my sister, Stefanie/Maid of Honor, my aunt, Robin, and my mom, Rayshel. It was a lovely Mad Hatter themed shower and it was SO MUCH FUN! Upcoming blog post on that later.

We had a great turn out of friends and family. However, people were telling us that almost everything on our registries were online or catalog only. UH OH! We made the mistake of being lazy and making all three of our registries online. It was easier for us since Henry is gone 5 days a week and on the weekends we are trying to catch up on other things. 

After the shower Henry and I made a conscious effort to at least go to Macy's and take off things that were catalog only, and replace with in-store items that wedding guests could find easier and buy right there - especially for those last minute shoppers.
You know who you are haha! I am guilty of that myself. EEK!

I figured wedding registry stuff wouldn't be too exciting for Henry, so I know most guys enjoy gadgets and let Henry have the little scanner they gave us. We agreed to start at one end and wind down to the other. As we are browsing, I get a bit ahead of Henry when I hear, "BEEP!....BEEP! BEEP!" I immediately turn around to see Henry grinning. I laugh and ask, "What are you scanning? We are suppose to agree on what we scan." He points to a few items, "These look really cool." One being a really neat wooden chip bowl with a white porcelain dip center. Ok fine, I will give it to him, he picked something cool I had missed. 

We keep walking around and he says, "We need flatware. Let's register for this one." 

"Henry we have cool flatware. And that is $150"
"But it's Henckels, and it's an entire set....I'm registering for it." 
Before I could react, Henry had the bar-code spotted and "BEEP!" It's on the registry. LOL

I point to a mixer I had registered for to show Henry - "This is what I registered for online. I really want this!!!" Henry spots the 5 other variations of the mixer next to the one I want on the same shelf. "Let's scan them all so people know we REALLY want it!" Henry starts aiming his scanner towards the other mixers. I start cracking up at his logic, but in a serious tone tell him, "No way! Only register for the one you actually want goof!" and pull the scanner awaaaaaay from the mixers.

Henry wanders off to find a "Ninja" - food processor, juicer, blender, and one other thing all in one. Henry thinks it looks cool and "we could really use it" let's get it! "BEEP" I had already registered for a food processor and blender, but this thing was rather cool and I would love a juicer. Guess I will go take the others off later. HAHA

"OH A TAMALE STEAMER!" "BEEP!" "Henry, are you going to make tamales?" "No, you are." LOL Ok, guess I need to sign up for the tamale making workshop at Central Market. 

"I already registered for one and you just scanned the 'Ninja'!"
"That's it, give me the scanner. You are done punk!" LOL 

After that he got really bored rather quickly. LOL

Henry's mom also stated how she would like to get us China like her mother got for her on her wedding day. However, Henry hated all the China. I really wanted to the same country rose one my Grandma Black had, but Henry hated it. 

I took my cousin Phoebe and Henry's cousin Megan to the mall with Henry and his best man, Casey. We were in Macy's and Henry and Casey were rather bored to say the least. We buy my cousin a dress and can't find the guys. I get a call from Henry, "Hey come upstairs. Casey and I found some china for the registry." 
"Really? You and Casey...are shopping for china?"
"Yea, it has cows and chickens on it. It's pretty cool."
"You have got to be shitting me. Right?"
"The girl already has the scanner and everything for us, just come up here and look at it."

Our cousins and myself all look at each other with a "WTH, you have got to be joking look" and head upstairs, quickly. 

We get upstairs to see the Macy's lady standing on a tea-cup. Henry points toward some hideous china and says, "Look! Don't you like it?" 
I do not mind stating I do not like something, at all - I look at Henry and tell him that I am not registering for any china with chickens or cows on it. 

Casey and Henry start laughing and Henry points to other china that is actually rather pretty! It's made of some semi-undestructible glass, hence the girl standing on the cup, and has a beautiful silver scroll design on the edges of every piece. I look at Henry rather impressed and let him know I like it, a lot. He replies, "Good! We already scanned it!" 
Figures. LOL

Love my honey so much! Loving him is definitely fun, to say the least. <3

Alana XoXo

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  1. I loved hearing you tell me this story before this post cause I got the chance to laugh until it hurt while listening to you say, "Beep, Beep, Beep" and picturing Henry going WILD with the STORE REMOTE!

    Fun times for sure!



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