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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Starbucks + Good Deed = Great Day

Better late than never.

 I wrote this post the day this happened, but for some reason never published it. 

Until now.

 Up for a long drive this morning, as in 5 AM morning, so I stop by Starbucks and feed my addiction. 
The line is long, but I don't mind waiting especially since the fall drinks are out. YUM!

I get to the window and the lady informs me the car in front of me paid for my order. 

Have you ever had this happen? The endorphin release is phenomenal!!!  Instantly I was über happy!! 
I loved the feeling so much I said, "Well, then I will pay for the car behind me!" with a huge smile. 

No lie, I was cheesin. 

I haven't been able to shake this tremendously happy feeling all day! 

I mean something so simple completely took someone who despises mornings, aka me, and made it one of the happiest moments. Lol

So I encourage you to go out and do what the girl in front of me did - in some form or fashion.


  1. I always say I'm going to something like this, but when I remember there isn't anyone behind me. However, Chad and I decided instead of having a garage sale, we are going to donate our stuff to a family in need who can either keep it or sell it. Cause they need the stuff/money more than we do.

    1. going to "do" something like this...opps...brain went faster than my fingers ;)


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