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Monday, July 2, 2012

Aggie Bridals

One of the MANY photo-ops involved with weddings are Bridal photos. Even though my wedding isn't until October, this Texas heat is killer right up until - sometimes it's still pretty darn hot mid-way through October!

Thanks to Randy to the Rescue (which the episode I am on airs this Friday, July 6th at 9 pm Central on TLC) I was able to get my dress in a timely manner, and altered, to have my bridals taken before it got scorching hot!

Our fabulous photographer, Michelle Peyronet with Peyronet Photography, went above and beyond what I expected! Being part of the Fightin Texas Aggie Class of 2010, WHOOP! I couldn't think of anywhere better to take my bridals than Good 'ole College Station. Bridals Aggie style!
Michelle graciously let me drag her, my seester & Megan all around CS with me all day long to my favorite Aggie spots.

First spot, Kyle Field! Michelle had the perfect wide angle lense for catching the entire stadium behind me, on the field and in front of the stadium! The sneak peak was breathtaking - for an Aggie of course.
Source for Kyle Field Image

Next, Century Tree or Engagement Tree. This spot was extremely special to me. When I first toured the A&M campus, there were rose petals all around the base of the tree from a recent engagement. I was so impressed by the Aggie spirit as everyone was camped out for an upcoming TU ticket pull, and all the "Howdys!!" I received, that these rose petals were just the icing on the cake for a young, impressionable, highschool senior. I knew from that moment forward, I was going to A&M - and I hadn't even been accepted yet! Not to mention, in order for us to "finalize" our engagement Henry had us walk over to the engagement tree where we walked under the tree together and took engagement photos. :-) So when Michelle asked where to take bridals, the Century Tree was a must!
Source for Century Tree Image

The third location we chose was the Dixie Chicken!!! Almost everyone knows about the Dixie Chicken! Henry proposed to me behind the Dixie Chicken, where we also first met. I expected just a few fun pictures here and there, but Michelle found such wonderful spots!!!! The lighting, the signs, the angles, my dress - it was perfection! I was squealing with joy at the sneak peaks! 
Source for Dixie Chicken Image

We wrapped up the bridal session at the Aggie Barn. We really weren't expecting to make this location, but with time on our side, we were able to make it for the perfect sunset too! Again, some of my favorites were taken here!
Source for Aggie Barn Image

Overall, it was a great session! I'll be sure to post an update post wedding. I know being an Aggie, when I was searching for "Aggie Bridals", "Kyle Field Bridals", "A&M Bridals", "Aggie Bride", etc. my picture results were few and far between. I am hoping this bridal session can help inspire those future die-hard Aggies!

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  1. I remember the day Henry proposed and both of our families walked around the campus to all of these beautiful spots. It was awesome. To Henry's credit, I will ALWAYS remember how he continued to go the distance for his Bride-to-Be, even with a huge blister forming on his foot due to his shoes. It's nice that he loves you enough to purposefully go to each of these spots --- both of you as Aggies have such a rich tradition to share. Knowing you met each other there makes it even more precious.

    I have loved the photos!



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