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Friday, July 20, 2012

Indecisive Excursions!

Have I mentioned I love my fiancé? 

Wednesday, as I drove to the office at 6 am - 6.A.M! - Henry calls me to say he wants to go on a trip until next week. I was completely taken off guard, and having a mini-party in my head with all the possibilities. Only problem, I wanted to go to a beach in Florida, he wanted to go to the mountains to escape the heat in New Mexico.  

 When it comes to international travel, I don't think we could ever disagree on where to go. However, when it comes to the good 'ole US, we couldn't disagree more. Boo. Since I grew up in Houston, I am use to being close to the ocean. The smell of the ocean, the calming sounds of the ocean waves, the delicious and fresh seafood....I can't get enough of those things.  I would be perfectly happy moving to an island and retiring as a beach bum - fishing and drinking piña coladas 24:7  It may not be your dream, but I'd be so happy! Don't rain on my parade. Henry on the other hand is fond of mountains, rivers and lakes.

 So, Henry voted for Red River, New Mexico. I voted for childhood favorite, Destin, Florida. I am not fond of New Mexico, period. It kind of drives me crazy thinking of going there. Henry and I took a 3 week long vacation through Colorado and New Mexico when we first met, NM I wasn't impressed with, Colorado I LOVED. Especially, Durango and Telluride! Holy Smokes are those gorgeous, fun towns...But Henry shot down Durango....Red River he was set on. 
Standing on the edge of a cliff in New Mexico, July 2009 - Henry as he "jokingly" acts as if he is going to toss me off the cliff. Such a great foundation for a budding relationship haha!

 We flipped a coin, 7 times!! It landed on "beach" 5 of the 7, but still couldn't agree. Then Henry set up a mini-craps game for us. After near 30-40 minutes of Craps, I won. BEACH IT WAS! Yippee!! I found a gorgeous campground for our new RV, for $110/night. We were all set to book when she mentioned no dogs on the beach front sites. Ok, fine, what beach is close by where we can take them? No where! It's a county law in multiple counties!! Part of this trip was for our two Aussies! "Thank you, but nevermind." Red River it was again. Ugh! I know, I know, a vacation is a vacation, I should be thankful to even take one. But what can I say? I'm stubborn, and grew up as the oldest, I want MY way dangit!! 
The cardboard, dice and quarters we used to play our game - The cardboard was really to protect the wood from the dice corners.

 Luckily, Red River's park we stayed in two years ago was now a mobile home park. Yuck. The other two, booked solid. Yay! Next town in line, Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Yet again booked, or ridiculous pet fees. Boo! Next town, DURANGO! Guess what park had an opening?!?! The first park we stayed in on our first trip, right on a beautiful part of the Animas River! Oh ya! Even better, the only spot available was #23! My lucky number. It was meant to be! Haha  
Standing on the Animas River bank in front of our cabin on our first trip, July 2009 <3

My first Henry Weinhard, Henry's favorite! They make and bottle them 30 minutes from where I live now, but you can rarely find them in this area. However, they are EVERYWHERE in Colorado. 

 Now here we are, on the road to Durango, Colorado for a few days! :-) Looking forward to renting a jeep, four-wheelers, white-water rafting, hiking, and local breweries! Oh and this amazing Mexican restaurant on the edge of town with great Margarita pitchers!  Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend! Cheers! XoXo

Local brewery in the next town over, Silverton. Outside they have a slew of fun, very interesting beer facts. This particular brewery had a beer Henry loved so much, he bought some to take home.

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