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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fond Memories of Being an Aggie Student

          Has this week been exhausting! Talking with one of my co-workers, a recent A&M Psychology graduate, we started talking about all the things we will miss this upcoming fall with not returning to school. It is amazing looking back how much I took for granted being a student, even more so, an Aggie student.
Only in College Station will your neighbor have this car - with a grill attached to the bumper!
        Football season is approaching fast and I greatly miss the anticipation of the games, getting friends together to pull tickets, tail-gating, mid-night yell, and game day - standing in the sun, jam-packed in the heat, following direction of our Yell Leaders to know what comes next. Now, I have to figure out which game I want to pay for! A $200-something sports pass was a heck of a lot cheaper than the individual tickets you have to buy post-graduation.

Everyone tailgating and walking around before the big game!

Everyone jam packed in the stands, watching our amazing Aggie Band!

Tailgating for Lauryn and Emily's Ring Dunk, prior to the football game!
         I miss having most of my friends at such a convenient distance! I could drive a couple blocks to Danni's townhome, to the other side of town to Lauryn's apartment, or a couple blocks to my fiance's house that he shared with another great friend, Casey. I could call my girlfriends up and have dinner plans in just a few minutes, we could go get ready at each other's house and go off to Northgate for yet another night of great memories! Or the weekly wine nights we had in the media room of Lauryn's apartment with the enormous pull down projector and giant bean bags! Bringing wine and wine glasses, sitting up most of the night drinking and talking about random life happenings, until we all passed out on the bean bags or one of the numerous couches. Or deciding to take a random nightly road trip, rushing back the next morning to get Lauryn to work, watching her change from the trunk of her car right in front of her work building, then driving off with Danni blaring amazing music and dancing like idiots.

First girls night together!

One of our many group nights out on Northgate
One of the many nights at Lauryn's apartment - about to go hot tubbing!
An amazing group of friends, together for Spring Break 2010 in South Padre
      I miss having my biggest concern being my Immunology final the next day. Where my biggest responsibility was showing up to class on time so I could take notes to prepare me for the 4 tests in that class. Which gave Henry and I so much free time to catch a dinner, a movie, or make the 6-8 hour long Moussaka that we love so much!

Studying with an old friend - love that jar of peanut butter to get me through!

        Or missing the convenience of seeing friends around every corner walking across campus. Or even walking up and down University, hearing someone doing an Aggie honk, and all the students around Whooping! Being able to load up Tux and drive a few blocks to Research Park - bring some toys, and have a ball for hours watching him fetch his toys in the pond, playing with other dogs, and having everyone ask to see Tux do his tricks or acrobatics while fetching a flying toy.

Tux after jumping in a pong to fetch a toy <3

     It's all those simple things that I really took for granted, that I now miss. I have friends in Dallas, Houston, College Station, Michigan - and boy is it hard to get everyone together in the same place, at the same time! Girl nights have now turned into girl weekend trips, if we can even get all the girls together! 6-8 hour long cooking dates with Henry are limited to Saturdays or Sundays, and dog parks are crappy, if you can even find one near by with a pond allowing dogs in it. Heck, I miss living in College Station - period! It is an amazing town with so much to offer, as a college student and as a graduate. No matter how old I get, I will always have a fond place for College Station and A&M in my heart. Being an Aggie is by far one of the best decisions I could have ever made, I wouldn't trade a single day of my undergrad - good or bad - for anything.

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