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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wedding Inspirations Part 1

             The title of my blog page is City Girl Meets Country Boy - naturally because I am a city girl, Henry is a country boy. Not only is that the title of the blog page, it is also the theme of our wedding October 13, 2012.

            Our wedding will be held at Double Creek Crossing in Caldwell, TX - a beautiful outdoor venue on a secluded ranch. Leah is the sweet lady, that just happens to be from the town - Burleson - right next to Henry's hometown, who opened the wedding venue after retiring from being a nurse - she was home for a bit and told her husband she couldn't just sit around doing nothing = Double Creek Crossing! And thank goodness she did too because it is GORGEOUS! Her husband and her put a lot of thought and effort into building the outdoor venue. Her daughters helped her think of minor details such as, making enough room on either side of the Bridal Suite toilet for a bride if she has to go to the bathroom in a large ballgown dress - ahem, that would be my situation! Or having a built in counter, long mirror, barstools, and wonderful lighting so all the girls can sit next to each other as hair and make-up are done. Or how about having "tarps" that can be rolled, and pinned down to the ground all around the reception area in case of bad weather - yet they are clear so you can still feel as if you are outside? The venue is city-like, with the nice stone walls, vaulted ceilings, wonderful landscaping - yet very country with the visible wooden beams, concrete floors, front rocking chairs, and of course being on a ranch itself. That equals perfection for our theme.

A picture of the venue from the "altar" of the Ceremony location

Looking out to the Ceremony area

Walking up to the Reception area from Ceremony area

Walking outside to Reception area from front entrance with Groom/Bridal suites/Cake table/Gift Table

        Our theme was so obvious and inspired by our kick-A photographer, Michelle Peyronet with Peyronet Photography. After meeting with her and discussing what we wanted in photos she mentioned the theme - I couldn't believe WE didn't think of that already! DUH! We picked Michelle after seeing her gorgeous photos of a friends wedding. She did a type of jounalistic photography and boy did her colors POP! It was amazing how every detail of color was beyond perfection - and I was blown away by her ability to catch such loving facial expressions and moments in their natural settings - not posed. Not only do we get her for our entire wedding day, we get a 2nd photographer, as well as 2 photographers for the rehearsal dinner. She will be doing our engagement, bridal, boudior, rehearsel dinner, ceremony, and reception photos - as well as a Trash the Dress shoot post honeymoon. Can't wait! Here is one Blog post by Michelle that we love (looks like you will have to copy & paste the link):

       Our planning/decorating will be with the help of a good friend, Lacey, who happens to own a wedding/party rental business called Details Event & Party Rentals in College Station, TX. She has pretty much everything you can think of, at great prices! - That is her amazing blog - you should check it out! She does her research on up to date trends, and has plenty of unique ideas of her own to help you design your perfect wedding down to the last detail!

Photo taken from Lacey's blog - This is the ceremony at Double Creek Crossing

Another photo by Lacey - Cake table at Double Creek Crossing

      My sister is the Maid of Honor - so naturally she has done some research on bridesmaid dresses. I am letting my bridesmaid choose their dress for the most part. Afterall, they are doing me a favor by being in my wedding and should be proud of the dress they have to dish the money for. All I ask is it be around Tea-length or a little above the knee. I plan on asking the girls to wear brown boots - so it has to go well with boots too. Here are some suggested photos, feel free to comment or lend advice:

       Our colors go with the fall theme Henry and I love so much! It also gives us an excuse to use Maroon as a color. haha Our colors are burgandy maroon, espresso brown, rust orange, and a golden yellow - fall colors. And yes it is rust orange, NOT burnt orange - UGH!

I love this wicker ball, or "tumbleweed", with the simple fall colored flower attached.

I don't care too much for the escort card table, but I do absolutely love the wheat stalks and their beautiful golden color!

I love the colors, but I really love the wooden box!

Again, I am in love with the wheat and colors

I absolutely LOVE the color of these Callas Lillies - which are one of the flowers I want to use for the wedding as well

I am drawn toward the burlap and colors of the flowers of this one - I also love square & rectangular tables instead of the traditional round

The maroon flowers and branches stood out to me in this set up at the Brazos Bridal Show

Henry & I have a slew of photos of our initals carved in things - starting with an Aspen tree from Colorado - hence the love of these invites

Again with the love of carved initals - I love these invites & RSVP cards

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  1. I love it all. Make your photos a tad larger on your posts. I'm also glad you changed your text color because it's easier to read. You can enlarge the text a bit too since reading on the computer can be a strain. I love everything you write about. I have a photo that I had scanned a long time ago --- from a magazine that used spray painted pumpkins, etc. on the table as part of the table-scape. Did I send that you to? Love Lana the Mom.

  2. By the way, we watched the "Say Yes to the Dress - Bridesmaids" or whatever and this bride was from Houston and telling her bridesmaids that their dress might cost around $500 and that she'd sent an email informing them...if they couldn't go with it, then they couldn't be in the wedding. Your sister and I were like...crazy...the dresses for the bridesmaids alone would have totaled about $5,000. I think they were all considering walking out on her. It was nuts. Then, another show had a HORRIBLE girl for a maid of honor - throwing a fit about every dress and she was a MISERABLE personality. I felt SOOOOOOO BAD for that bride.

  3. Nice dress.......your dressing sense and your dress are the first by which someone get attracted towards you ....And for bride this is most important and can get your dress designing and your wedding organized beautifully through venue finders


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