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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Beginning of Blogging - for me

        I have decided to begin blogging! My mom, Lana, has been a very dedicated blogger for quite some time. I thoroughly enjoy reading her blog, and occasionally seeing an old photo she has posted that I long forgot about. One of my best friends, Danni, is also a recent blogger and another inspiration into the realm of blogging. My blog will be nothing spectacular, but I feel my life is far from boring!

       First things first - I was born in Germany, lived the majority of my life in Houston, Texas as a "spoiled", proper, well mannered city girl, attended the best school EVER - Texas A&M University, met the sweetest country boy I could have dreamed for my junior year of college, and currently beginning the next chapter of my life in the DFW area - slowly, but surely, transforming into more of a country girl than I would sometimes like!

One of our biggest days as Aggies - dunking our hard earned Aggie Rings together!

        Second, I am currently planning a wedding with my wonderful country boy fiance, Henry, who I have been engaged to since April 24, 2010 - Our wedding date is October 13, 2012 - LOOOONG engagement! But it will all be worth the wait when we take our 3 week long honeymoon to Greece/Italy! Yea buddy! So, be prepared for random wedding inspiration posts or blogs regarding a wedding planning melt down. :-P

An engagement photo taken by Lisa Kae Photography while visiting one of my best friends, Riki, in Michigan.
       "Finally", I am an andrology tech (or andrologist), which always makes for funny stories! I mean who can honestly say they get to play with semen - gasp! yes male sperm - for a career!? It is quite a rewarding job because I get to play a crucial part in helping other couples make their families bigger, and I looove the super cute birth announcement photos we get of all the wrinkly little boogers! :-) It is also a great fix for the baby blues - because I am too darn selfish to have a child anytime soon since I have no interest in sharing my time, life, or money with a little gremlin (as Danni would say ha) - just yet. However, despite the rewards of growing families I have had my days of opening a specimen cup and nearly gagging to the point of vomiting! Yes, some semen is just that thick or smells that bad! Those times kind of stink - literally and figuratively.

Sperm swimming their way to fertilize a single egg - Image from

SO! Welcome to my blog! Hope you enjoy!

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  1. This was hysterical!!! I am going to LOVE reading your posts and seeing your photos in a new way --- I think of blogging as another modern form of electronic scrap-booking.

    And, the LOOOONNNGGG engagement is worthwhile, if you get to enjoy that LOOOOONNGGG honeymoon!!!

    LOVE, from your BIGGEST fan!
    Lana the Mom


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