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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Background Information of our Engagement!

       To warn you, this is a long post:
       As you may, or may not, have read - I am engaged! My fiance and I met on the infamous Northgate in College Station, Texas - my junior year, his senior year attending Texas A&M. I had never liked Northgate, but it was the one night my old friend and I chose to go. This was the one night Henry's old friend some how lost Henry, leaving Henry on Northgate in the same line for carpool as we were in. If you read in the "Characters" tab you would know he saw us previously dancing like idiots at Daisy Dukes, and my friend busting her butt as I spun her in a circle. HAHA He approached us in the car pool line & we talked as if we had been friends for years! At the time, I didn't know if he was really THAT funny or if I had just had too much whiskey -either way I liked him - A LOT! Henry had a real 70's thing about him to me -long/shaggy blonde hair, blue eyes, very broad, maroon polo - as I re-read what I just typed it doesn't sound 70's at all, BUT I remember looking at him and thinking he looked as if he could have walked right out of "That 70's Show".

The night Henry and I met for the first time
         Numerous dates, dinners, lunches, & nights out on Northgate later - Henry asked me, "Want to change your facebook status to 'in a relationship' with me?" Although we had acted like a couple since that night we met February 26, 2009, we didn't make it "facebook official" -because everyone knows facebook status is the ONLY thing that matters - until March 2009.  Another important part of the "facebook requests" leads back to the night we met. Henry didn't ask for my number that 1st night, he asked for my name so he could find me on facebook - so he whips out his iPhone and types my name in - no number. I found that rather odd, but special in the fact that he wasn't like every other guy just getting a number. The next day I had a friend request! We only talked via facebook chat for a week straight, laughing hysterically each and every time. It wasn't until the end of the week that I invited him to my friends 21st party that he asked for my number so he could find me at the party. :-) He spoiled me to death even more after that - still does! I was constantly thanking him for all the wonderful dates he took me on that he eventually said, "Please stop saying 'thank you' so much, it is getting annoying." Well pardon me for having manners! Have I mentioned how well he is with words? haha
Our 2nd time to ever hang out!

A night out at the Tap

               So, the relationship continued. My wonderful sister, Stefanie, and I were Christmas shopping in 2009 when we passed by my favorite jewelry store, Helzberg Diamonds. Stefanie grabs my arm and says, "Let go look at rings!" At this point in my relationship with Henry the only REAL conversation we had about getting engaged was in June after we attended my first Mavericks game - he was attempting to convert me from my father/daughter Houston Rockets obsession to a Maverick fan -and had been to the bars with some of his friends in downtown Dallas. So when my sister grabs me to look at rings, I don't think too much of it other than I love this store and I love diamonds - OK LET'S GO!

Our awesome seats at the Mavs game - Henry doesn't mess around :-P
A night out in Dallas after my first Dallas Mavericks game
      Although I hadn't thought much about getting engaged to Henry, being a girl I have thought about the perfect engagement ring for YEARS! I had always wanted a 1 carat marquise diamond in a simple band with no diamonds on the side. I hate most settings with diamonds on the side because the way they set them in there with the metal peeping through - just looks tacky to me! If that is what you have, I am sure it looks beautiful on you, but my choice = NO SIDE DIAMONDS. The band I fell in love with actually did have diamonds on the side, but on the sides of the side (see photo below). The guy helping us grabbed a loose fake, princess cut diamond and set it in the middle prongs - it was set like a kite more than square - I fell in love. I told my sister right then and there that this was the exact ring I wanted! So off my sister goes to make a phone call because apparently that band was the last band, conveniently in my size, and they were not going to be getting anymore. That phone call was to Henry, and the band was "reserved" or whatever it was they did - point is that it is now on my finger. haha We went off to Zales where I fell in love with an actual diamond - we found a gorgeous Celebration Diamond and the way it sparkled and blinded your eyes in the light was fairytale-ish. My loyal sister later dragged Henry to these two stores where my ring was put together. I have a band from Helzberg Diamonds and a diamond from Zales - I can truly say my ring is unique. And yes I am proud of my ring, as well with how it came together. You can call me conceited, but I don't care.

The ring!! My sister and girlfriends were eager to be the first ones to post a facebook photo of it 
        Henry had planned to propose on April 23, 2010 since my favorite number is 23, and I make a big deal anytime anything is 23. I especially make a big deal if anything is 10/23 and yell "It's my birthday!" - so, 23rd of 2010 was another 10/23. Unfortunately, I was in the hospital due to my stupid stomach problem. April 24th was Ring Dance - big deal for Aggies - and I insisted on getting out of the hospital to make this special event! I scarfed down some food, proved to the doctors I could hold it down (since I had lost about 20 lbs at this point), and was let out! My sister and I high tailed it to College Station as Henry and my parents followed in separate cars behind us. We went to get manis and pedis together, then went to get my hair done. We all met up at my friend Danni's townhome, along with Lauryn, to get ready. I texted Danni as we were leaving how I wished for Henry to propose since we were all dolled up and my parents were there. It would be the perfect time! She reassured me that even when Henry does choose to propose it would be just as amazing! Little did I realize, 10 minutes later, in the exact spot we first met, Henry would do just that! He pulled me aside, which was nothing special since we always go off and laugh together, he said, "You know this is the exact spot where we met right?", I replied, "Yes! I love you so much", with a huge grin as we hugged. He stepped back and began to get down on one knee - at this time my friends later told me my hands went to my mouth as I said, "No! No! No you arent!" -He said, "Will you love me forever?" as he opened the ring box. We both got teary eyed, I yelled YES, and pulled him up to give him a kiss! He then proceeded to put the ring on my finger and asked, "Will you change your facebook status to engaged with me?" just the way he did when we first started dating. That is when I realized he had also hired a photographer - I love scrapbooking - who had been lurking in the background and snapping pictures. Henry's parents and two neices, along with my friends Emily and Kristin all came out from hiding at this point. It was the perfect engagement! Henry had made sure all the important things were there: family, friends, and PHOTOS! lol And this is where the next chapter begins....

Henry putting the ring on my hand for the first time! Such a happy day!

After the proposal - Ring Dance!! :-) 


  1. Super Sweet! I remember standing there taking that photo. No wonder you LOVE scrapbooking and photographry, your mother is obsessive. I keep thinking to myself, How can I sneak some AWESOME wedding shots as I sit in the front row? I've even considered buying a couple of cameras to HIDE in the woods that are remote-control operated. I picture myself sitting there and saying, I gotta get this one, CLICK, and this one, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK.

  2. Photographs are the most precious part of any ocassion.They make us to remember the whole ocassion in a minute.I too had laid emphasizes on photograph in my vedding and get a very owesome environment for photography byvenues


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