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Friday, April 19, 2013

Expanding Your Baby Registry To New Levels

Expanding your baby registry to new levels? What could this mean? 
It means something pretty freakin' fabulous if you ask me! Thanks to a friend of a friend (Taylor from Pink Heels Pink Truck's friend Lauren from Our Hiding Place) I learned how to expand our Amazon Baby Registry - Yes Amazon - to websites like Etsy, Aggieland Outfitters, and various other websites! For die-hard Aggies like myself this is TOO COOL! Because all those cute Aggie gifts I thought I couldn't register for because they were in Aggieland and no registries are offered at those stores, have now been made available!! All thanks to Amazon's button that is similar to the Pinterest "Pin It" button.

Let me explain.

Add items to your Registry or Wish List from any website using that link. It will add a little button with the Amazon symbol right next to your forward and backward browser buttons. Now while browsing various websites where maybe you want only one item, or where they don't offer a registry, you can add this to your Amazon wish list, baby registry or even wedding registry! 

Pretty fan-freakin-tastic isn't it? 

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