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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Newest Addition to the Johnson Family!

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you are probably aware of the new addition to our family. No, not the baby...That is still a good 5 months away. 

Meet Buddha!

This furry little creature came into our lives by chance. A silver-sabled German Shepherd came into our life after someone abandoned her out by our shop. This beautiful dog we adopted as our "shop dog" and she has become very loyal to us and ferociously protects our shop from anyone who isn't welcome. 
Early in January we came to find out she was pregnant! 

She delivered a beautiful litter of puppies that were all very different. A lab/heeler looking puppy, a mini version of the mom, a boy German Shepherd looking pup, and of course, Buddha herself.

I teamed up and started volunteering with a local shelter in the next town over. They helped get the pups their first round of shots and this previous weekend we had our first adoption together at Petsmart.

We all thought for sure little Buddha would be the first to go! She received her name for obvious reasons. Her pudgy belly and ultra mellow calm nature. Her siblings were hyper balls of energy that you could barely contain, but Buddha wanted to simply be where you were, lay by your feet, or be held in whichever position you chose to mold her little body into. My husband was immediately attached to her.
Smitten husband: Evidence A
To our surprise her siblings went first. Everyone who was interested in Buddha wanted to throw her in the backyard to be an outside dog by herself. Knowing her personality, that wouldn't have done well. *Read statements in paragraph before*
"Oh we have 10 acres, we are going to build her a pen and she will be an outside dog." Um sorry, no thank you. Next? 
Most people were definitely turned off by the potential of her size. We came to the conclusion her daddy was a "Wolf Hound" The tallest dog in the world, known to stand 7 FEET high on it's hind legs. 
German Shepherd + Wolf Hound =  ONE BEASTLY DOG!

Once we researched the breeds Henry and I decided she would actually be the perfect dog for our growing family. We have always wanted a German Shepherd, and here was a mixed one thrown at our feet for free! 


Although the Wolf Hound is a large breed, the temperament only further made up our minds. Known for their size, they are actually very sweet gentle dogs and GREAT with kids. They are known for being tolerant of little kids pulling on their ears and tails, and love being inside dogs. Although more likely to run up to burglar than chase one off, if the owner was threatened they are known to use their size to their advantage. That mixed with the very loyal, family friendly German Shepherd sounded like our dream dog with a baby on the way. After the adoption was over, Buddha still lingering around, Henry caved and decided to keep her for himself. That night he laid on the couch watching TV cuddling with her as much as she would allow before bed. He laid there with her rested up against him, and his hand rested on my growing baby bump. It was an amazing night! Buddha won our hearts over even more when she slept the WHOLE night through until 8:15 am when her sweet little puppy howls told us it was time to wake up. *She is definitely part hound dog*

Smitten Husband: Evidence B
Cuddling with Preggo sick me. :-)

Buddha and her new pink collar.
Isn't she the sweetest and cutest!?


  1. Buddha is adorable!!! Congrats on such a sweet smart furry baby. She will be a great addition to family. We had a german shepherd growing up and when my little brother was born, she slept next to the crib everynight. She also didnt like it when strangers held the baby. It was so awesome!

    1. Thank you! She has been such a doll! I hope we can get her to be like the german shepherd from your childhood. Hoping the new baby and her become the best of friends! :-)


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