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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What's Going On In The Johnson Household

So normally on Wednesdays I post the pregnancy chalkboard tracker from the week before. Well, this week would have been week 20, but that was posted early. For obvious reasons. {If you missed it click here.} Things have been pretty hectic around here. The hubby was gone for business/bachelor party/business for the last two weeks and let's just say, although he travels a lot, I never get use to him being gone. That always puts emotional stress on me. Not to mention I have been driving around like crazy. Not so great for being preggers. We had a huge thing here called Antique Alley that I sat our for two days doing. This acquired a LOVELY sunburn on the left side of my face. It was so cold and windy, who thinks to put on sunscreen when your wearing a wind-breaker and a blanket? Not this girl. Then I have begun "nesting".

The hubby being gone has made me a crazy woman to say the least - yea, yea, pregnancy hormones don't help. Between working at the office, taking care of the 3 dogs, dealing with lovely Baby Girl's growing movements, cleaning the house, prepping for Antique Alley, and driving all around the state of Texas - I was physically drained too. I had to drive to Sulphur Springs for a Bid Opening, San Antonio where the Hubby was working, College Station to bring the hubby clean clothes for the week, and Arlington for something I am sure wasn't all that important, but I drove there none the less. 

The sunburn from Antique Alley couldn't have been any better placed. It was ALL down the left side of my face, and it was BAD. Why did it have such perfect placing though? Well, I am at that stage where I can really only sleep on my left side - get it? Laying down at night consisted of much discomfort from Baby Girl refusing to ever stop moving and my face feeling like it had the worst rug burn of my life with a heating pad on it. Not to mention the sun drained me of any energy I had left from all the driving. Ugh!

Top it off with Baby Girl deciding she wanted to be transverse while simultaneously trying to kangaroo kick her way through my sides WHILE trying to get through a training session that ended in me blacking out and throwing up. Attractive. Good lord I thought I was going to die the other night. I was a literal wreck! An absolute disaster. After much research I found that babies while in the womb will move their head toward the warmest spot. A nurse friend suggested putting ice packs on either side and then something warm near your pelvic bone to help guide the baby's head downward. Ice packs were not going anywhere near my abdomen, so I decided to fill the bathtub with really warm water a few inches below my belly button. I sat in there for a bit and sure enough I felt the pressure from my sides and the sharp, fiery sensation that came with it disappear! Thank you Jesus! 

With all the pain finally gone I began cleaning like a mad woman. Also known as "nesting". I was able to clear out most of our garage that was piled high with cardboard boxes, fill up 4 giant black trashbags from all the rooms in our house, and get the nursery organized for the crib to be delivered and the walls to be painted.  

Sounds exhausting doesn't it? 

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