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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

24 WEEKS & A Tornado. WHAT?!

Gotta love being displaced, greasy, pregnant and tired
from "experiene"ing a tornado. 

How far along? 24 Weeks

Total weight gain? As of the last doctor's appointment I have officially gained 17 lbs. HOLY GUACAMOLE!!! The doctor however says it's fine, that I look great and have a big baby so it's no big deal. Given my boobs have grown drastically, but the baby being 2 lbs now and given the boobs probably 2 lbs MAX - that's TOO much weight by my standards. I don't care what my doctor says. Cue depression. LOL I shouldn't gain more than 30 lbs over the course of the pregnancy and Coraline still has her biggest growth spurts ahead of us. Next appointment is June 3rd so hopefully the weight gain will have slowed down. 

Maternity Clothes? ASOS in the UK is my go-to maternity store! Free shipping, plus free return shipping if it doesn't fit or I don't like it. Sign me up. Not to mention, GREAT prices. All outfits can be worn post maternity too. I am obsessed. I will forever rave about them. I also recently found some cute ones at Old Navy online as well.

Stretch Marks?  Still have the red mark I freaked about on Week 21 & 22. Other than that, looks like I am clear for now. Been applying lotion with Vitamin E and Cocoa Butter religiously every day.

Sleep:  Sleep has been much better since the amazing body pillow as arrived. Coraline seems to be on a regular sleep pattern. She squirms like crazy before bed, then settles down for the night, then around 7 am is up and squirming and rolling around. 

Best moment this week: First Mother's Day! 

Miss Anything? Sushi and Rum - Although I have finally started eating smoked salmon. I have to admit it felt SO GOOD and I don't regret it one bit. Everyone has their opinions on it, but I went for it. Coraline has been fine so far. 

Movement: Yea buddy. I actually felt a ROLL for the first time! Not just a kick or twitch. I felt like something pointy on my upper left side so I set my hand on it, then felt it roooooll down my side to my lower left side. CRAZY FEELING DUDE!! SO CRAZY! It was definitely a knee or elbow. 

Food cravings: Fruit (watermelon) and finally gave up on whole watermelons and settled for getting halves. Haven't had a bad one yet! Go me!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Textures are still making me sick, like couscous, as well as red meat. 

Gender RESULTS: BABY GIRL!!! My gut feeling was right all along! I absolutely can't wait to meet her!

Labor Signs: Too soon

Symptoms: Disappearing belly button, baby bump, nails and hair growing like weeds, baby movements (the best!) and my boobs have drastically increased, which has lead to the dreaded red-mark, and frequent bathroom visits. I am starting to wake up at least twice a night, and it's like I wake up and have to RUN to the bathroom! Bending over is beginning to get difficult, especially to tie my shoes or take my boots off. Then my back has begun to break out like a highschool boy going through puberty on steroids. That bad. Luckily, it is on my upper back and my long hair covers it, but I am praying it goes away before our beach maternity shoot in St. John. 

Belly Button in or out? Innie - barely.

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, Happy!

Looking forward to: Finishing out the nursery!

Baby Name? Coraline! I love the name!! See WEEK 21 for name details. <3

Thoughts: Henry has been out of town a lot so getting someone to take a picture of the board has been hard. I really don't like calling someone over just to take a photo of me. This week we experienced our first twister! So that only made it more difficult. I am from Houston originally so I have dealt with a hurricane before, but tornados are a whole foreign subject for me. Needless to say, I don't like them one bit. We are currently staying at our in-laws farm. Our ceiling has water damage, needing a new roof, master bedroom windows busted, and we have a community backyard. For the dogs sake, I am worried about nails and broken glass, not to mention the no fence thing, so being at their farm has been heaven for them. However, this called for the board to be in a bit of disarray. It wasn't even until after we had finished the photos that we realized I had completely mis-spelled "Experience" and NO ONE noticed! Henry's sister had come over a few days later and pointed it out to us. Womp Womp. Oh and don't you love the background decor? Deer head, guns on the wall, cedar staircase with christmas garland still on there - LOL City girl really did meet a country boy - or country family. :-P

About the Board:
*This board was inspired by our twister experience. How ironic that Coraline is the size of an ear of corn this week and tornados are always portrayed as going through corn fields??
*Fonts: Harrington
*Due to dim lighting it was hard to tell how bold the board actually was. Wetting the board with a damp cloth (not soaking wet, just damp) helps the chalk go on smoother and bolder.
*Using word to pre-type what you want in fun fonts is a great way to eye-ball what to write, unless you are just freaking amazing at free-style all around. I need something to look at though. :-P

Pregnancy/Maternity Fashion: 
This weeks outfit is rather blah and simple. The flowing top is from ASOS Maternity Line. Leggings are from Motherhood Maternity, and the belt is from a local boutique. I was originally going to wear a black version of the belt, but as I grabbed it off the hook in my closet both clasps literally fell off!! So the nude was what I had to wear, but black was much better. I guess that's what you get when you pay $5. Boo.

Board close-up. 

Henry's mom trying to take a photo of us with Henry's iPhone. lol


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  2. My favorite maternity pieces were my jeans from Gap & my t-shirts from Target. Towards the end I was less occupied with cute and more worried about, does it fit? Lol! Sorry, y'all got hit by the storms. Hopefully nothing too terrible.


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