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Sunday, November 18, 2012


     Ever since we got back from our honeymoon I have been in this funk. Struggling to get back in the swing of things. Struggling to be productive. Which is to be expected. I went from 3 weeks of "romantic" bliss, strolling beautiful allies, drinking wine, eating adventurous USA, working, and well, more working.

       While we were on our honeymoon in Santorini we stumbled upon a lovely restaurant that was run by a family. Grandma and mom were cooking in the kitchen, Dad catering to guests in his various fluent languages, and two sons helping here and there where their ages would allow. One little boy I wanted to steal away. He was unbelievably adorable. He had heard so many people say, "My name is..." while pointing to themselves that his understanding became pointing at something saying, "My name?" meant, "What is that?".
Points to my hair... "My name?"
"My name?"
"My name?"
"Wedding ring. College Ring."

He went on over to a German family asking, "My name?" unaware of his meaning, and the family begins to introduce themselves. The daughter was Adalena....later we heard them again and understood it to actually be Annalena. Either way, they are both gorgeous names. Henry and I immediately loved the name. We have always said Claire Faye Johnson would be our first girls name. However, Adalena/Annalena Faye Johnson is now the favorite. there is something so elegant about those names.

We were talking to a friend today who was trying to pick baby names and we recalled the names from over a month ago that we loved and shared with our friends. Again, we are baby smitten and having major baby blues. Lol

I am not a big reader. My husband is. He reads an unbelievable number of books. It takes a good book to get my interest, usually something involving women's rights, such as the author Jean Sasson. She is a phenomenal writer. We went to half price books to purchase baby books with our friends and some for ourselves. :-] While there my husband points out a book titled Atonement. We watched this movie randomly one day about a year ago and it greatly affected me. I cried so hard after the movie because of the thought inspiring ending that made me greatly appreciate my love for Henry beyond comprehension. To see this great movie was a book brought me so much joy! I bought the book immediately.

When I got home, I opened the book. There on the 4th page was two words.

"To Annalena"



  1. Ohhh, how cool is that??? Isn't it funny how things come back around?? :) xoxo

    1. It was so crazy. Here was this name we had not mentioned in a month, and the day we bring it up again, the day I decide to read, the beautiful name pops up.

  2. That just touched my heart!!!! As I always say...EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON... Love ya Terri


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