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Monday, November 5, 2012

Back In the USA

If you aren't aware, Henry and I finally tied the knot on October 13, 2012!! Whoop! The very next day we flew off to Greece, followed by Italy, and one unexpected night in London.

It has been almost one month since we've slept in our own bed and boy is it nice!

Needless to say, we have a lot of fun memories and experiences to share with everyone. I plan to blog about the bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, wedding day, and the honeymoon one day at a time.

Some of the things I can't wait to share is the Red Sand Volcanic Beach, Dark Side of Rome Tour, and experiencing one of the highest record floods in Venice in 20+ years!

Get Ready.



  1. Can't wait!! Have missed you bunches!! :) PS...was wondering why y'all were wearing rain boots and walking through water in Venice but then chalked it up to the tides coming in. :) LOL But flooding makes more sense too. ;)

  2. I'm so excited about all that is to come!



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