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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wedding Inspired Wednesday: {No 11} Delayed - DIY Wedding Floral

         I am doing all my own wedding floral. If you are currently planning a wedding or any sort of event, you have probably come to learn how pricey flowers can be! I have browsed website after website, local vendors, etc. to try and find the cheapest way to DIY, without giving up your favorite flowers or looking cheap. Fifty Flowers has been by far the cheapest across the board, not to mention free FedEx shipping, options for sample orders, and numerous helpful tips! They even have wedding consultants that can help you determine how much to order based on what you need. In my case, 16 centerpieces, 2 wedding party table centerpieces, 1 sweetheart table centerpiece, 11 boutonnieres, 6 bridesmaid bouquets, bridal bouquet, 5 corsages, grooms cake table decor, wedding cake floral, sign in table - aaaaaaaaand I think that covers it? HA!

        Through Fifty Flowers I found Affordable Floral - This website is where you can get decently priced DIY wedding floral tools, as well as ideas on how to do the floral. They have a page titled "Build A Bouquet" with various types of bouquets listed to help you, just like it says, build a bouquet. Fabulous!

How about this DIY Bouquet? Black and White Rose and Feather Hand-Tied Bouquet It provides a list of all materials and how they were used, pictures and even a video! Then it gives you the list of materials and the option to order them right there. Pretty nifty, eh? You could even substitute the black feathers for wheat stalks, or peacock feathers. Many ways to switch this simple DIY up to fit your theme.

Fall Dahlia Hand-Tied Bouquet This is my style bouquet! The same things are provided, materials, pictures, video and option to purchase the items.

This is a gorgeous simplistic DIY centerpiece idea - Manzanita Branch Idea with Moss Runner

Don't you just love this natural decor?! If only my colors were green. Find this DIY Green Wedding Centerpiece at Affordable Floral as well!
         Another useful tool I found, Wedding Flower Recipe Worksheet - Here you enter in the flowers you want, and it calculates the flowers you need to create the specific item. Example: Bridal Bouquet has a column, below you put the number you need, which is 1. Then there are rows called "Focal", "Filler", "Greenery", "Line", where you enter the specific flower you intend to use, such as, Dahlia, Babys Breath, Lily Grass, Wheat. You enter the number of each one you intend to use to create the piece and it calculates how much you need for each one. You can then look through Fifty Flowers website to find corresponding packages to enter in and it will calculate how many you will have left over. This way, you don't buy too much or too little, and all your flower arrangements are there in a neat excel sheet to pass out to those who are helping
         These are just a few of the helpful tips on how to do your wedding floral yourself. The two websites above have a ton of tips for browsing through. Check them out! If you find anything different, or better, please share! :-)

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