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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Country Style New Year's Eve

This New Year's Eve we had intended on traveling to Houston for a celebration with our friends, however Henry had a basketball game NYE that put a big damper in our plans. We then made plans to visit his parent's farm before ending the night with friends Lorenzo and Leslie. However, when NYE came around there was a fog so dense you could cut it with a knife. You couldn't see one thing! So, we spent the entire night at his parent's farm. 
My New Year's Eve Outfit, ready for the Ranch!

Brother-in-law, Aaron, with our Boogers! LOL

Talk about a redneck New Year's Eve. Complete with fireworks, moonshine and a pig! Family and friends were all there. My brother-in-law attempted to make a brisket, ribs and sausage, but the brisket was so burnt the Aredale even had trouble chewing it. It was terrible to say the least. I ended up eating Banana Pudding and later the guacamole we found in the fridge that had never been opened. 
Father-In-Law, Herman, and my Hubby, Henry
Herman and myself
My other brother-in-law Wes brings some moonshine with strawberry slices. After some time people start to loosen up and get brave enough to try the strawberries. Henry tries one and immediately yells how awful it tastes, Herman tries one, followed by Henry's Mom. Henry's mom's face was classic! It became puckered like eating a bitter lemon followed by gagging. I decided I would pass.

Then Wes decides it is a good idea to get Herman, another guy and himself to take turns chugging the moonshine. Bad. Idea. Herman holds his weight, but Wes was gone!!! He could barely walk, and had the most hilarious things to say. A kid left a pile of banana pudding on the table and proceeded to grab handfuls, while aiming for his mouth, but more rubbing it all over his face. Some dropped on the remote and he thought it would be a good idea to lick the remote, which in turn made the remote very sticky. I got a wonderful 5 minute video for future blackmail. Enjoy a small clip below. 
WARNING: Foul language can be heard.

His wife finally coaxed him into going home around 10:30, got him in the bed of the truck, yes bed, and drove home with him passed out. HAHA
Next thing I knew there was a giant pig running around. What else do you do when a pig is there? You take pictures! 

Sister-In-Law, Audrey, with the pig eating dog food.

Most of the people passed out by 11 pm. Some people just can't hang. HA! We shot off some fireworks around 11:30 pm for the kids, then finished off with a New Years Kiss. 

Purple Haze Firework

UFO Firework
It wasn't the New Year's Eve I had planned, but it definitely did not lack in entertainment. 
Love my crazy in-laws! 

The Love of my life <3
Merry New Year's Eve! 
Alana XoXo


  1. Haha this sounds fun!! I love some moonshine, you just need some from Virginia;) my hubs and I are the opposite...he's from Boston and I'm straight from the sticks.


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