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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wedding Inspired Wednesday {No 14}: The Get-Away!

        The Get-Away - this is the moment at the end of the wedding when everyone waves farewell as you depart to your hotel/honeymoon! If you love photos, like me, this is another perfect opportunity for fabulous choose wisely!
        I have seen people drive away in numerous things such as these:
Vintage pick-up - Source:
Classic Car - Source: Sincerely Yours Online
Eco-Friendly - Source: Candles and Such
Romantic Horse-Drawn Carriage - Source: Martha Stewart
Personalized - Source: Martha Stewart
        However, I do believe our get-away vehicle is one personalized vehicle! One thing I love about Henry, he is a fellow Aggie, my Aggie-Sweetheart. I think he put it perfectly when creating our wedding website, "I couldn't imagine marrying anyone outside of the Aggie family which is why Heather is perfect for me. She doesn't look at me funny when I "whoop" at the TV when we're beating the hell outta t.u. and she understands why I still haven't thrown out my lucky A&M hat that I wore to my first football game six years ago, even though it's falling apart. She also didn't think it was odd that we had to walk under the Century Tree together before I would marry her. Outsiders don't get these things." 
       It's true. Outsiders don't always understand our crazy, whacky traditions, but Henry does. So, when I found our get-away vehicle to present to Henry he was just as excited as I was. I show random family members and they just kind of give that half-hearted, "" - but fellow Aggies usually respond with a whole-hearted, "That's awesome! How did you figure that out!?" haha
        Sooooo.....Here is our get-away vehicle! 100% Personalized 100% Aggie 100% US! I couldn't be happier! :-)

Oh yes! Fightin' Texas Aggie BUS 12!! WHOOP!
       This bus is well equipped. It plays the Texas Aggie Fight Song, has a rooftop that can hold 10 people, and can drive around with about 20 people inside. It will take Henry and myself, along with 18 other people in our wedding party, around the A&M campus for last minute photos before dropping us off at Northgate where we can relive the first night Henry and I met, and where Henry proposed. From Northgate, we will take our beloved Carpool to our hotel. :-) It's a night full of Aggie love and tradition. I couldn't be more excited, no matter how little you may understand. haha


  1. Now that's just awesome!! And I'm not an Aggie. ;)

    1. I even have a pic of you guys in front of this bus! :)

  2. Awe! The game where our teams played against each other....and yours won. lol I was trying to find that photo so I could add it to here. Fun times!

  3. Hello Alana , your blog is very beautiful. Come see my blog too. I j; to follow you on your blog. My name is Valeria

  4. This is so awesome --- I do understand your Aggie traditions, it's one of the reasons we really wanted you to attend A&M, we knew these traditions would become even more meaningful over the years to come. It's great to see you both honoring a place that held great beginning love between you two.



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